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3: Outcome A

4: Outcome B

2: The Choice

1: The Significator

1: The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

Two of Ribbons

The Two of Ribbons represents a need to choose, or a choice to be made. This card indicates a decision between competing goals, dreams, or ideals.

In a reading, it may stand for a situation or event where two competing things ask for our attention, only one of which can be choisen. It symbolizes a crossroads, either literal or metaphorical. It signals the need to choose the places in which to invest energy; we require focus, and must make a decision about which dream to follow or which passion to invest in.

Keywords: Choice Action Focus

2: The Choice represents the choice confronting you.

Seven of Ribbons

Into everyone's life, a little rain must fall. The arrival of this card tells us to prepare for rough weather. We must figure out whether this storm is simply a bad day, or is heralding the onset of the monsoon season, bringing the threat of still more turbulence to come. It might indicate that it is perhaps time to try a different approach entirely.

In a reading, it may symbolize rough weather ahead: a time when things become turbulent, a situation we will struggle to navigate. Our dreams lie in sodden tatters around us; during this time, we must try to figure out whether to weather this storm or to pick up the scraps of our dreams and head somewhere more hospitable.

Keywords: Conflict Trouble

3: Outcome A The outcome if you make the obvious choice.

One of Tentacles

The One of Tentacles represents the very earliest start of the expression of ourselves as physical beings. It may portend a new physical experience, learning a new physical skill, or gaining a new knowlege of ourselves or our bodies.

In a reading, it might represent some new skill, especially a physical skill, that we are trying to learn or are being made to explore. On a more metaphorical level, it may indicate the first stages of becoming comfortable with ourselves as physical beings, in a way we have not done before.

Keywords: Beginning New Knowledge Physical

4: Outcome B The outcome if you make the non-obvious choice.

Nine of Chains

This card appears to let us know that our work is paying off; we have reached a time when it is okay to relax and savor the rewards we have reaped. We know our own self well enough, and our sense of self is strong enough, to allow others to know us, too.

In a reading, it represents a time when our work is being rewarded. We are secure and free to explore. On a deeper level, it may refer to some part of our lives in which we have the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Keywords: Success Self-Knowledge Achievement