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3: Outcome A

4: Outcome B

2: The Choice

1: The Significator

1: The Significator represents you and your current state of being.

Three of Tentacles

The Three of Tentacles represents a situation in which we have received more than we bargained for. The girl in the card made a decision not to flee the tentacles, not knowing that another tentacle was on the way. Similarly, we may have made a decision or performed some action, and now we're getting back more than we anticipated! Now is the time to swallow or drown.

In a reading, the Three of Tentacles may symbolize some decision or some turning point in our lives where we thought we knew what we were getting into, but turned out to be wrong and have now found ourselves in over our heads.

Keywords: Struggle Overwhelmed Chaos Gain

2: The Choice represents the choice confronting you.

Four of Ribbons

This is a card to indicate a time of pause in the pursuit of a dream. The ribbon around the woman's eyes prevent her from finding her way; similarly, some part of a dream in the Querant's life has blocked a view, preventing the Querant from being able to see the road ahead. If our dreams are the only thing we can see, this can prevent us from finding the path to reach them.

In a reading, this card may represent some level of blindness--some dream or ambition that is blinding us to something important, or perhaps something which we have overlooked in our quest to realize a dream.

Keywords: Patience Reflection Focus

3: Outcome A The outcome if you make the obvious choice.

Four of Books

The Four of Books is a card symbolic of failure to prioritize. This card may indicate a situation where we are at an impasse of our own creation. We are spending so much time trying to make everything happen at once that we can't get get anything accomplished at all.

In a reading, it may be a symbol of some situation where we have taken on too many things in a haphazard way, and now they are beginning to tumble down around us; or it may be a reminder to prioritize and work on doing just one thing at a time.

Keywords: Indecision Frustration Deadlock

4: Outcome B The outcome if you make the non-obvious choice.

Mentor of Ribbons

When this card appears, it may indicate solid, tangible progress and the beginning of respect and recognition from others. The Mentor of Ribbons is a person whose knowledge, experience, or abilities are worthy of respect.

In a reading, it is a sign of some situation in which we are coming into our own power, and others are beginning to recognize that in us. It tells of a time and place where we are on the path toward realizing our ambitions, and may represent a newfound situation in which others come to us for advice.

Keywords: Accomplishment Respect Progress Gain Authority