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Call for Artists
Artwork for the Tarot

We are currently looking for artists who are interested in doing artwork for the Tentacle Monster Tarot. This project will be online at first, and if there is sufficient interest, we plan to have a physical deck of cards produced and offered for sale.

The style of art we are looking for is similar to hentai, though preferably with more realistic character faces. The physical deck will have a roughly 2:3 aspect ratio (the physical cards will probably be 3.5x5.5" in size) and will be printed full color. Ideally, the artwork we're looking for will be computer files, TIFF prefered (please no JPEG), 300 pixels per inch at 5.5" to 7.5" high.

If you work traditionally and you would prefer we do the scanning, we can arrange that as well.

We are willing to pay for quality artwork.We are highly flexible and willing to negotiate fees and delivery method.


The amount we have available to pay depends on how finished the artwork you provide is. We can work with clean pencil sketches, inked black and white artwork, or color artwork fully camera-ready. For the first part of the project, character studies or sketches may be required; as the project progresses, you may need to work with character designs that are already finalized.

What you will provide:

Preferably, inked black and white or fully colored, camera-ready artwork, either on paper or electronically. We will consider clean pencil sketches. The more complete the artwork is, the more we can pay. We're looking to pay around $10-$12 per card for inked artwork, more for camera-ready art, plus royalties on printed decks; price negotiable.

It is not necessary to sign on to do all 76 cards. We realize that's a big job, so we are willing to consider breaking it up into sections and working with different artists.


Our goal is to do this project in phases. We would like 4-5 pieces of artwork up front, which we will pay out of pocket. We intend to use the first few pieces of artwork to launch a Kickstarter project to fund the remaining art plus printing. If that doesn't succeed, we will continue to pay for artwork out of pocket while we look for revenue sources for printing. We would like to get the first pieces of art as soon as possible.

What we will provide

The final borders, text, and other pre-press elements. The artwork you create does not need to incorporate the borders or text of the cards; we will be adding borders and titles to the finished art.

Interested? Please contact us here! If possible, please include a link to a portfolio or some sample sketches. Also, let us know about your expected pay rate, availability, and timeframe.