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The Philosophy of Tentacles
The Tarot

The Tentacle Monster Tarot started out as a lighthearted attempt to re-do the traditional Tarot with Japanese tentacle monsters.

It didn't take long to start growing into more than that. As we got further and further into the project, we started to see places where the story of the Fool's Journey in the traditional Tarot becomes fuzzy and a bit incoherent. We also started rewriting some of the minor arcana to emphasize the ideas of agency and choice more than what the traditional Tarot does.

The result, after much more work than we really intended, is the Tentacle Monster Tarot.

Free Will

Throughout the Tentacle Monster Tarot, and particularly in the Schoolgirl's Journey, we wanted to emphasize the places where the Schoolgirl had a choice to make, and chose the path of greatest courage. The idea of choice is an important one--especially the kind of choice that moves toward becoming the most that we can be, even if that choice is scary or uncomfortable. Life rewards those who move in the direction of greatest courage.

About Us

The Tentacle Monster Tarot was conceived and written by Franklin Veaux and Zaiah Azul. You can contact us here.