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The Dance of Ecstasy


Sometimes, the place we end up is unexpected, yet joy may be found in the most unusual of places. The Dance of Ecstasy reminds us that, as strange and unexpected as life may be, it is also a place filled with joy, if we but choose to see it. Life is the triumph of optimism over despair.

In a reading, it suggests that the world is not as horrifying as it appears to be; even though we do not always choose what happens to us, and weven though we may make choices without knowing the outcome, we can still find joy. It tells us that this joy may appear in the oddest places; we must be able to recognize it for what it is. By moving through the world with confidence, we can learn to see the joy all around us.

Keywords: Happiness Joy Triumph

Nine of Ribbons


This card stands for a time when our sincerest desire is granted. We are free to claim the prize and dance in the ecstacy of dreams come true. In this card lies the promise that all we need to do is to grant the wish to ourselves.

In a reading, it suggests that we have triumphed; everything is aligned to make our dreams a reality.

Keywords: Triumph Accomplishment Success