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Nine of Ribbons


This card stands for a time when our sincerest desire is granted. We are free to claim the prize and dance in the ecstacy of dreams come true. In this card lies the promise that all we need to do is to grant the wish to ourselves.

In a reading, it suggests that we have triumphed; everything is aligned to make our dreams a reality.

Keywords: Triumph Accomplishment Success

Adept of Ribbons


The Adept of Ribbons is a sign that you have arrived, and the dream either has been or is about to be realized, Now is the time of triumph, when you will be able to make a stand in the service of an ideal or a goal. It is time to leave behind hesitation or doubt and step into a position of leadership or authority.

In a reading, the Adept of Ribbons is the sign of a situation in which we have found the courage, the skill, and the power to follow a dream. We have the opportunity to leave behind all our doubts and make our own destiny.

Keywords: Success Accomplishment

Nine of Chains


This card appears to let us know that our work is paying off; we have reached a time when it is okay to relax and savor the rewards we have reaped. We know our own self well enough, and our sense of self is strong enough, to allow others to know us, too.

In a reading, it represents a time when our work is being rewarded. We are secure and free to explore. On a deeper level, it may refer to some part of our lives in which we have the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Keywords: Success Self-Knowledge Achievement

Ten of Chains


This card represents the culmination of our relationship hopes and dreams. We have invested in ourselves, weathered adversity, and we now have the skills of good partner selection and good communication which allow us to make choices that lead to solid, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

In a reading, it indicates the precise moment where we have made the right choice and realized our hopes, especially in our romantic lives. This is not necessarily a "happily ever after" card, though, for it reminds us all relationships require ongoing investment if they are to succeed.

Keywords: Success Relationships Stability Security Romance

Mentor of Chains


The Mentor of Chains has freed herself, and by doing so has learned a great deal about the chains that bind others. This is a powerful card, which symbolizes both freedom and ability to help and guide others. It indicates that we have gained some degree of control over our own personal chains, and that other people are beginning to recognize and look up to us.

In a reading, it is a symbol of control (particularly self-control). It may represent a situation in which we have learned a measure of control over the things that bind us, or a person who has gained that control and can help to guide us.

Keywords: Freedom Leadership Choice Action Success

Adept of Chains


This card is a symbol of mastery of the force of change. The Adept of Change has gained total mastery over everything that holds her back, from within and without; now, no chain can touch her.

In a reading, it can be interpreted as a sign that nothing can stand in our way; whatever change we may wish to make is possible. No chain can hold us unless we allow it to. It may also represent a person in our lives who has gained this mastery, and who we can look to to free us from our own chains.

Keywords: Change Action Leadership Freedom Independence Success

Mentor of Books


The Mentor of Books is no longer a student; she has progressed in her abilities to the point where she is now a writer herself. It speaks to a time when we are also in a role of expressing ourselves and beginning to rework our ideas. Others may perceive this success as luck or innate talent. They don't see the dozens of discarded pages for every one page that is published. They don't see the willingness to risk or experiment that have created this success.

In a reading, the Mentor of Books tells of our increasing mastery of knowledge, especially intellectual knowledge, and the success we can achieve because of it. It may also represent a person, someone of formidable intellect and capability.

Keywords: Success Respect Work Authority

Adept of Books


The Adept of Books takes the adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" and makes it literal. She is someone whose knowledge is as powerful as a force of nature. This card speaks of reaching a level of mastery and respect where our ideas can become forces in their own right.

In a reading, it speaks of a time when our knowledge and skills have reached their apex, and we have gained mastery of an intellectual skill. Now is the time to lead by example, and become the change that we wish to see in others. It may also represent a person who has gained such a mastery--someone whose intellect is so ferocious that that person influences others on a large scale.

Keywords: Success Mastery Skill Leadership Choice

Adept of Tentacles


The Adept of Tentacles is a master of the physical realm, at the right time and the right place with just the right skills to improve the lives of those around her.

In a reading, this card turns up to indicate a time when we have been handed a situation or stumbled upon an idea that we are are uniquely situated to capitalize on. We no longer have to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel; we ARE the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keywords: Opportunity Knowledge Success Mastery