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Six of Ribbons


This card reminds us of the pure delight our dreams can bring us, and shows us that our dreams are most beautiful when given some freedom. It suggests a time when our eyes are open to all the possibilities of the day; having a specific goal, or a plan for ourselves, doesn't have to mean letting them blind us or bind us.

In a reading, it represents a time when we are open to the beauty of the world. Our dreams are not hindering us; instead, they are freeing us.

Keywords: Freedom Joy Happiness Awareness

One of Chains


This card symbolizes the very beginning of change, and recognition of the fact that in order for change to occur, we must first free ourselves from our chains.

In a reading, it suggests a moment where we must let slip our own bonds in order to begin something new, or perhaps a situation in which we are stymied from beginning to move forward by a barrier it is within our power to circumvent.

Keywords: Change Introspection Freedom Choice

Scholar of Chains


The Scholar of Chains is a card of change and the journey away from bondage (literal or figurative) toward freedom. This card indicates a situation in which we are either just becoming aware of or we have just begun to free ourselves from some form of bondage--perhaps a habit, or a failed relationship, or something else in life which has been holding us back.

In a reading, it tells us to look for a place in our lives where we are not free, and reminds us that we can learn to free ourselves.

Keywords: Freedom Choice Action

Mentor of Chains


The Mentor of Chains has freed herself, and by doing so has learned a great deal about the chains that bind others. This is a powerful card, which symbolizes both freedom and ability to help and guide others. It indicates that we have gained some degree of control over our own personal chains, and that other people are beginning to recognize and look up to us.

In a reading, it is a symbol of control (particularly self-control). It may represent a situation in which we have learned a measure of control over the things that bind us, or a person who has gained that control and can help to guide us.

Keywords: Freedom Leadership Choice Action Success

Adept of Chains


This card is a symbol of mastery of the force of change. The Adept of Change has gained total mastery over everything that holds her back, from within and without; now, no chain can touch her.

In a reading, it can be interpreted as a sign that nothing can stand in our way; whatever change we may wish to make is possible. No chain can hold us unless we allow it to. It may also represent a person in our lives who has gained this mastery, and who we can look to to free us from our own chains.

Keywords: Change Action Leadership Freedom Independence Success