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This is the edge between innocence and knowledge, the shivering moment before plunging ahead. The Schoolgirl is no longer at a point of having things done to her; instead, she will choose.

In a reading, it suggests that the Querant, like the Schoolgirl, is poised on the edge of an instant that may change everything. The easiest choice will be to do nothing and let the moment slip by. This card reminds us that when we reach such a moment, action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. It warns of the need to make decisions even when we may not know what will come of them, if we are to be able to control our fates.

Keywords: Action Change Choice Courage

The Banishing


The Banishing is a card of choosing between two worlds. On the one hand, the Schoolgirl can stay in the monster's world, protecting her small spot of joy but letting the monsters run free. Or she can seal the monsters away from her world...but will that mean losing the joy she has found?

In a reading, the Banishing is a complex, ambiguous card that can be difficult to interpret. It suggests that we have the ability to choose one of two worlds. We can choose one world where we can protect our small spot of joy at the cost of allowing monsters to run free in the other world. We can seal the monsters away, without knowing how it will affect us. Or maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to keep elements of both worlds, though this is a difficult choice: keeping that spark of joy while locking the monsters away.

Keywords: Change Choice Acceptance

Two of Ribbons


The Two of Ribbons represents a need to choose, or a choice to be made. This card indicates a decision between competing goals, dreams, or ideals.

In a reading, it may stand for a situation or event where two competing things ask for our attention, only one of which can be choisen. It symbolizes a crossroads, either literal or metaphorical. It signals the need to choose the places in which to invest energy; we require focus, and must make a decision about which dream to follow or which passion to invest in.

Keywords: Choice Action Focus

Three of Ribbons


This is a card of choices not taken. Every choice we made carries the weight of the choices we haven't, which are carried away like ribbons in the wind. When we reach for something, the things we have not chosen fly away and are lost forever.

In a reading, this card suggests that possibilities gained always imply possibilities lost, and that we must be aware of the things that are being given up whenever we make a choice. The card may represent those things, or warn us that the things we have chosen against, we may never be able to choose again.

Keywords: Choice Acceptance Sacrifice

Five of Ribbons


This is a card of constraint, of being unable to move effectively. It indicates some situation in which we are so wrapped up in one specific outcome of your dreams, one specific goal, that progress becomes impossible. When we convince ourselves that our dreams can only manifest themselves in one particular form and lose track of the idea that there might be many different ways our dreams can be realized, they cease to be inspirations to us and instead hold us back.

In a reading, this card tells us to look at the ways we have become so invested or attached to an outcome that our attachment paralyzes us, preventing us from being effective.

Keywords: Bondage Reflection Choice

Disciple of Ribbons


This card may symbolize a need to learn the tools of self-realization and introspection in order to continue on a journey. Carefully consider how the expectations and conventions of others may be preventing the realization of dreams; remember that our lives belong to us, not to others, and are there for us to live as we choose.

In a reading, the Disciple of Ribbons is just beginning to move toward a goal, but is being held back by inhibition. This may represent a situation where it is necessary to let go of the fear of being judged in order to progress.

Keywords: Introspection Choice

One of Chains


This card symbolizes the very beginning of change, and recognition of the fact that in order for change to occur, we must first free ourselves from our chains.

In a reading, it suggests a moment where we must let slip our own bonds in order to begin something new, or perhaps a situation in which we are stymied from beginning to move forward by a barrier it is within our power to circumvent.

Keywords: Change Introspection Freedom Choice

Eight of Chains


This is a card of unconventional choices. It encourages us to think outside conventional bounds, and to notice others who have achieved a mastery and a balance in relationships and who still have their eyes open to the possibility of more. It suggests that we can reach for the things that you want while still maintaining balance, if we have the courage.

In a reading, it may represent an unconventional choice we have made, or (more metaphorically) it may represent a situation that calls for outside-the-box thinking.

Keywords: Unorthodoxy Choice Courage Action

Scholar of Chains


The Scholar of Chains is a card of change and the journey away from bondage (literal or figurative) toward freedom. This card indicates a situation in which we are either just becoming aware of or we have just begun to free ourselves from some form of bondage--perhaps a habit, or a failed relationship, or something else in life which has been holding us back.

In a reading, it tells us to look for a place in our lives where we are not free, and reminds us that we can learn to free ourselves.

Keywords: Freedom Choice Action

Mentor of Chains


The Mentor of Chains has freed herself, and by doing so has learned a great deal about the chains that bind others. This is a powerful card, which symbolizes both freedom and ability to help and guide others. It indicates that we have gained some degree of control over our own personal chains, and that other people are beginning to recognize and look up to us.

In a reading, it is a symbol of control (particularly self-control). It may represent a situation in which we have learned a measure of control over the things that bind us, or a person who has gained that control and can help to guide us.

Keywords: Freedom Leadership Choice Action Success

Two of Books


The symbology in this card is indecision, of being in a situation where we are tugged in two directions or we are faced with two alternatives that offer no clear advantage. This indecision results in a stalemate; just as the schoolgirl's indecision means that she is reading neither of the books, so our position is one in which the dilemma results in inaction.

In a reading, it may stand for a perplexing problem: we want two different things at the same time, but we can't have both of them, and we don't know which one to choose. If we can't resolve the impasse, we will remain deadlocked.

Keywords: Deadlock Indecision Choice

Eight of Books


This card indicates moving beyond simply working toward a dreams, and becoming a purveyor of knowledge and skill, recognized by the community. We are looked up to by others. With this new opportunity comes new responsibility.

In a reading, it tells us: as we go forward, what will we do? Will we cater to the lowest denominator? Will we try to appeal to the masses? Or will we use our new status to try to promote ideas of worth and value? It suggests a situation where we have a choice to make, and urges us to make it responsibly.

Keywords: Progress Respect Choice Responsibility Opportunity

Nine of Books


Nothing is more powerful, or more dangerous, than an idea whose time has come. The Nine of Books indicates something worth protecting--something that other people may find threatening. We must not allow fear or insecurity to stand in the way of protecting that idea, even if it means standing up to an angry mob.

In a reading, it suggests that we have something which we must defend, something which we can not afford to lose. Keeping it will not be easy. The true measure of our integrity is at test.

Keywords: Choice Gain Value Opposition Courage

Ten of Books


This card says it is time to pass on our knowledge to the next generation, and cautions us to make wise choices about what to pass on. The values and ideas that we hold will serve as the foundation for others, on which they will build their own lives; that foundation must be built with care.

In a reading, it indicates a situation where we have a role as a teacher or a distributor of ideas; we must be careful, for the effects we have on others will be profound.

Keywords: Responsibility Teaching Authority Knowledge Choice

Adept of Books


The Adept of Books takes the adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" and makes it literal. She is someone whose knowledge is as powerful as a force of nature. This card speaks of reaching a level of mastery and respect where our ideas can become forces in their own right.

In a reading, it speaks of a time when our knowledge and skills have reached their apex, and we have gained mastery of an intellectual skill. Now is the time to lead by example, and become the change that we wish to see in others. It may also represent a person who has gained such a mastery--someone whose intellect is so ferocious that that person influences others on a large scale.

Keywords: Success Mastery Skill Leadership Choice

Two of Tentacles


This card symbolizes an internal conflict, an indecision between simultaneously reaching for and shrinking away from something. The schoolgirl in the Two of Tentacles is both reaching for and fearful of the tentacle approaching her; similarly, we are in a position where we both want and try to avoid something.

In a reading, this card may indicate a situation that we are of two minds about, especially a situation dealing with practical matters. This tension can not last, but must be resolved if we are to move on.

Keywords: Conflict Deadlock Physical Choice

Four of Tentacles


The Four of Tentacles is a card that signifies a point of commitment. We have reached a tipping point. Now, like the schoolgirl who is held immoble, there is no way we can avoid our fate; we are committed to that decision, and can't turn back.

In a reading, this card speaks loudly and powerfully to a situation in our lives where our past decisions have become irrevocable. We are now trapped, and whatever happens will happen. The course is set.

Keywords: Choice Commitment

Eight of Tentacles


This is a card of both chaos and opportunity. Just as the schoolgirl is completely overwhelmed, but throught it all she also feels pleasure, the Eight of Tentacles symbolizes a circumstance in which we are overwhelmed, bombarded from all directions, but also promises that we can find a way to turn the tumult into something positive, even if the alchemy of that transformation is not understood.

In a reading, it is both a statement and a promise: a statement that some situation exists or may exist in which we are inundated by a tide that threatens to sweep us out to sea, but also a promise that we can find a way to turn it to our advantage, or at least experience something positive from it.

Keywords: Action Chaos Choice Transformation Learning Opportunity

Disciple of Tentacles


Sometimes, fate places us in a situation where we have the ability to act, but it's not clear what choice we should make. The Disciple of Tentacles is surprised by the difference she sees in the way people respond to the Tentacle Monsters. She is free to act, but she is not sure what to do.

In a reading, this card indicates that we are in such a place. We have the ability to decide what to do, especially in a situation where our decision may affect the lives of others, but we lack the experience that helps guide the choice. Even though it may seem that the choice is perplexing, there is nothing to do now but to choose.

Keywords: Choice Action Inexperience Indecision

The Wilds


The Wilds is a symbol of the strength to overcome one's own inner fears and take necessary action. It represents something unknown, something which we may find threatening.

In a reading, the Wilds stands for some kind of internal fear we must face. It is a proactive, rather than a reactive, card; it is about choosing a plan of action and then carrying through on that plan in spite of fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

Keywords: Choice Strength Courage