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Mentor of Ribbons


When this card appears, it may indicate solid, tangible progress and the beginning of respect and recognition from others. The Mentor of Ribbons is a person whose knowledge, experience, or abilities are worthy of respect.

In a reading, it is a sign of some situation in which we are coming into our own power, and others are beginning to recognize that in us. It tells of a time and place where we are on the path toward realizing our ambitions, and may represent a newfound situation in which others come to us for advice.

Keywords: Accomplishment Respect Progress Gain Authority

Three of Books


This card may turn up to signify a situation in which we have invested energy in an idea and are just reaching the point where that investment allows us to reach for something new. The books beneath the girl both literally and metaphorically allow her to extend her grasp; she has read them and gained new understanding which is necessary for her to grasp the ideas contained in the book she now reaches for.

In a reading, it may indicate something that is out of reach, but which we can, if we stand on the things we've already learned, perhaps just barely bring within our grasp. On a deeper level, it reminds us to use the resources we have available to us; without them, what we reach for will forever be beyond us.

Keywords: Knowledge Achievement Progress Gain

Six of Books


The Six of Books speaks of transcendence. We have learned enough to be able to move up to a new level. Losing personal resources has done more than just teach respect; it has prompted us to seek new resources, and investigate new avenues.

In a reading, it may represent the benefit of life's lessons learned; a situation in which we have recovered from past adversity and now move forward, wiser, or perhaps a situation in which we have grown beyond some past disaster.

Keywords: Gain Progress New Learning New Ideas

Nine of Books


Nothing is more powerful, or more dangerous, than an idea whose time has come. The Nine of Books indicates something worth protecting--something that other people may find threatening. We must not allow fear or insecurity to stand in the way of protecting that idea, even if it means standing up to an angry mob.

In a reading, it suggests that we have something which we must defend, something which we can not afford to lose. Keeping it will not be easy. The true measure of our integrity is at test.

Keywords: Choice Gain Value Opposition Courage

Three of Tentacles


The Three of Tentacles represents a situation in which we have received more than we bargained for. The girl in the card made a decision not to flee the tentacles, not knowing that another tentacle was on the way. Similarly, we may have made a decision or performed some action, and now we're getting back more than we anticipated! Now is the time to swallow or drown.

In a reading, the Three of Tentacles may symbolize some decision or some turning point in our lives where we thought we knew what we were getting into, but turned out to be wrong and have now found ourselves in over our heads.

Keywords: Struggle Overwhelmed Chaos Gain