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Suspension is a card not only of accepting the inevitable, but about applying our experiences to think about it in an entirely new way. Things that we once feared, and fled from, can be transformed by new knowledge so as to lose their fear and even become inviting. It is not just the acceptance of fate, but of changing ourselves to better understand it.

Suspension is a complex card to interpret. In a reading. Suspension may tell us that there is benefit in accepting, even welcoming, the inevitable. On a deeper level, Suspension may indicate it is time for us to transform ourselves so that things which we once fled from can become inviting. It may suggest going out to meet fate on our terms, rather than waiting for fate to come to us. On still another level, it suggests investing in to a course of action in such a way that we are entirely committed to it.

Keywords: Acceptance Courage Empowerment



This is the edge between innocence and knowledge, the shivering moment before plunging ahead. The Schoolgirl is no longer at a point of having things done to her; instead, she will choose.

In a reading, it suggests that the Querant, like the Schoolgirl, is poised on the edge of an instant that may change everything. The easiest choice will be to do nothing and let the moment slip by. This card reminds us that when we reach such a moment, action may not bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action. It warns of the need to make decisions even when we may not know what will come of them, if we are to be able to control our fates.

Keywords: Action Change Choice Courage



Chaos is a card of plunging headlong into what awaits us, accepting that the outcome, whatever it may be, is the result of the choices we have made.

In a reading, Chaos is a challenge to embrace the chaos that accompanies change, for change is the essence of growth. Inaction leads to stagnation; argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours. All things begin in Chaos; this card challenges us to use the Chaos to create our own beginnings.

Keywords: Chaos Beginning Action Courage

Eight of Chains


This is a card of unconventional choices. It encourages us to think outside conventional bounds, and to notice others who have achieved a mastery and a balance in relationships and who still have their eyes open to the possibility of more. It suggests that we can reach for the things that you want while still maintaining balance, if we have the courage.

In a reading, it may represent an unconventional choice we have made, or (more metaphorically) it may represent a situation that calls for outside-the-box thinking.

Keywords: Unorthodoxy Choice Courage Action

Nine of Books


Nothing is more powerful, or more dangerous, than an idea whose time has come. The Nine of Books indicates something worth protecting--something that other people may find threatening. We must not allow fear or insecurity to stand in the way of protecting that idea, even if it means standing up to an angry mob.

In a reading, it suggests that we have something which we must defend, something which we can not afford to lose. Keeping it will not be easy. The true measure of our integrity is at test.

Keywords: Choice Gain Value Opposition Courage

The Wilds


The Wilds is a symbol of the strength to overcome one's own inner fears and take necessary action. It represents something unknown, something which we may find threatening.

In a reading, the Wilds stands for some kind of internal fear we must face. It is a proactive, rather than a reactive, card; it is about choosing a plan of action and then carrying through on that plan in spite of fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

Keywords: Choice Strength Courage