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Suspension is a card not only of accepting the inevitable, but about applying our experiences to think about it in an entirely new way. Things that we once feared, and fled from, can be transformed by new knowledge so as to lose their fear and even become inviting. It is not just the acceptance of fate, but of changing ourselves to better understand it.

Suspension is a complex card to interpret. In a reading. Suspension may tell us that there is benefit in accepting, even welcoming, the inevitable. On a deeper level, Suspension may indicate it is time for us to transform ourselves so that things which we once fled from can become inviting. It may suggest going out to meet fate on our terms, rather than waiting for fate to come to us. On still another level, it suggests investing in to a course of action in such a way that we are entirely committed to it.

Keywords: Acceptance Courage Empowerment

The Banishing


The Banishing is a card of choosing between two worlds. On the one hand, the Schoolgirl can stay in the monster's world, protecting her small spot of joy but letting the monsters run free. Or she can seal the monsters away from her world...but will that mean losing the joy she has found?

In a reading, the Banishing is a complex, ambiguous card that can be difficult to interpret. It suggests that we have the ability to choose one of two worlds. We can choose one world where we can protect our small spot of joy at the cost of allowing monsters to run free in the other world. We can seal the monsters away, without knowing how it will affect us. Or maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to keep elements of both worlds, though this is a difficult choice: keeping that spark of joy while locking the monsters away.

Keywords: Change Choice Acceptance

Three of Ribbons


This is a card of choices not taken. Every choice we made carries the weight of the choices we haven't, which are carried away like ribbons in the wind. When we reach for something, the things we have not chosen fly away and are lost forever.

In a reading, this card suggests that possibilities gained always imply possibilities lost, and that we must be aware of the things that are being given up whenever we make a choice. The card may represent those things, or warn us that the things we have chosen against, we may never be able to choose again.

Keywords: Choice Acceptance Sacrifice

Six of Tentacles


This card represents tenuous equilibrium. The schoolgirl has made peace with the fact that what is happening to her feels good. Similarly, the frustration and turmoil we have been feeling have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance.

In a reading, the Six of Tentacles speaks to being in a situation to which we are committed, but tells us that it is still possible to relax, to enjoy the ride even if we can't control what's happening.

Keywords: Balance Acceptance Commitment