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Union is, as its name suggests, a reminder that things which seem to be irreconcilably opposed to one another may in fact be able to exist in harmony, each reinforcing the other. It serves as a lesson to us to see things, not as opposing poles, but as parts of the same whole, a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts.

In a reading, Union suggests a situation or attitude in which things superficially seem to be in conflict, but which are actually part of the same thing. It may represent seemingly opposing forces in the Querant's life which, viewed in another way, are really in harmony.

Keywords: Harmony Balance Holism

Six of Chains


This card represents a return inward, to seek safety in a secure relationship after the chaos and strife of the four and five. It indicates a recovery from outside trauma, and a balance and harmony between the external and the internal world. This card reminds us that it is possible to find solace in our relationships while we still acknowledge the flaws and imperfections of the people around us.

In a reading, it suggests a time or place when we might return to the familiar, comfortable, and secure things in our lives. On a deeper level, it may represent some place in our lives where we need to seek balance between interior and exterior motivations.

Keywords: Recovery Harmony Balance Peace Calm

Six of Tentacles


This card represents tenuous equilibrium. The schoolgirl has made peace with the fact that what is happening to her feels good. Similarly, the frustration and turmoil we have been feeling have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance.

In a reading, the Six of Tentacles speaks to being in a situation to which we are committed, but tells us that it is still possible to relax, to enjoy the ride even if we can't control what's happening.

Keywords: Balance Acceptance Commitment