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The Schoolgirl


The Schoolgirl is eager and excited, but naive. It is a card of new possibilities. The Schoolgirl's vision is narrow, and she values only the type of learning that comes from books. So intent is her focus that she disregards everything else..

In a reading. this card often represents the Querant. It stands for the first sign of a new beginning, but warns that an overly narrow focus, especially in the beginning of something new, can cause the Querant to become myopic to other possibilities.

Keywords: Beginning New Possibilities



Chaos is a card of plunging headlong into what awaits us, accepting that the outcome, whatever it may be, is the result of the choices we have made.

In a reading, Chaos is a challenge to embrace the chaos that accompanies change, for change is the essence of growth. Inaction leads to stagnation; argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours. All things begin in Chaos; this card challenges us to use the Chaos to create our own beginnings.

Keywords: Chaos Beginning Action Courage

The University


The University is a card that tells of the conclusion of an adventure. The Schoolgirl looks the same, but inside, she is irrecovably changed.

In a reading, the University might represent the Querant, forged anew and able to move with skill and wisdom. It may also represent a person in the Querant's life, someone whose experiences have built a character of strength, intelligence, and resolve. Metaphorically, it may stand for a situation that changes us, from which we will emerge as different people.

Keywords: Beginning End Cycle Continuity

Two of Chains


The Two of Chains is a card of new love or a new connection taking form. It indicates the direction of energy toward a new romance, a new friendship, or a new relationship of some kind.

In a reading, it may symbolize a new connection (especially a new love), but that does not necessarily have to be literal, as in a new romantic relationship; it might also represent a new intellectual love, a new pursuit, or the beginning stages of some other kind of love.

Keywords: Love Connection Romance Beginning

One of Books


The One of Books tells us the first step toward a new intellectual undertaking or intellectual knowledge is the most important. This card represents the very first inspiration toward a new cognitive undertaking--perhaps the learning of a new intellectual skill or the beginning of a new intellectual pursuit.

In a reading, it represents the earliest part of some new intellectual undertaking, or on a deeper level, some new inspiration that excites and guides us.

Keywords: Beginning Knowlege Intellect Understanding

One of Tentacles


The One of Tentacles represents the very earliest start of the expression of ourselves as physical beings. It may portend a new physical experience, learning a new physical skill, or gaining a new knowlege of ourselves or our bodies.

In a reading, it might represent some new skill, especially a physical skill, that we are trying to learn or are being made to explore. On a more metaphorical level, it may indicate the first stages of becoming comfortable with ourselves as physical beings, in a way we have not done before.

Keywords: Beginning New Knowledge Physical

Ten of Tentacles


The Ten of Tentacles is the card of beginning and end, death and rebirth. The schoolgirl believes her ordeal is over; she does not see the new tentacle monster approaching her. She has reached the end of one cycle, and is about to begin another, regardless of how she may feel about it.

In a reading, the Ten of Tentacles reminds us that nothing ever ends; there is no growth that is ever final, no achievement which does not signal the beginning of something new.

Keywords: Beginning End Cycle Powerlessness