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The Librarian


The Librarian represents intellectual knowledge, in its most raw and asic form. She acts as a gatekeeper; the knowledge archived all around her is her domain, and she is both the guide to that knowledge and the person who decides what knowledge will most benefit the people who come to her.

In a reading, the Librarian may represent access to secret, arcane, or specialized knowlege. There is a deeper meaning in this card; the Librarian knows that information without organization or purpose is merely trivia. Information by itself can't solve problems! It is up to us to understand how to synthesize information into knowledge.

Keywords: Intellect Knowledge

One of Books


The One of Books tells us the first step toward a new intellectual undertaking or intellectual knowledge is the most important. This card represents the very first inspiration toward a new cognitive undertaking--perhaps the learning of a new intellectual skill or the beginning of a new intellectual pursuit.

In a reading, it represents the earliest part of some new intellectual undertaking, or on a deeper level, some new inspiration that excites and guides us.

Keywords: Beginning Knowlege Intellect Understanding