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Five of Chains


This card is a symbol of struggling to move against the weight of something keeping us back, with such determination that we are not even willing to spare the effort to glance backward and see what is impeding our progress. Exerting still more effort might allow us to struggle forward, step by halting step, but all the things that are holding us back have a single source.

In a reading, it suggests that sometimes, the best use of our energy is to name the thing that is causing our problems. By taking the time to identify the source of our problems, perhaps we can make better progress than we can if we merely struggle blindly against them without really looking at them.

Keywords: Struggle Deadlock Opposition

Seven of Books


This card portends a situation in which someone is deliberately and intentionally keeping us away from the resources that we need. The seven books the Schoolgirl requires are locked up, unavailable to her; similarly, the people who have direct access to those resources have chosen not to provide them to us, so some other strategy is necessary.

In a reading, it tells us of a situation where we are being thwarted because we can not get access to what we need. Someone else holds the keys. We must think of another way.

Keywords: Conflict Frustration Opposition Setback

Nine of Books


Nothing is more powerful, or more dangerous, than an idea whose time has come. The Nine of Books indicates something worth protecting--something that other people may find threatening. We must not allow fear or insecurity to stand in the way of protecting that idea, even if it means standing up to an angry mob.

In a reading, it suggests that we have something which we must defend, something which we can not afford to lose. Keeping it will not be easy. The true measure of our integrity is at test.

Keywords: Choice Gain Value Opposition Courage