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Two of Ribbons


The Two of Ribbons represents a need to choose, or a choice to be made. This card indicates a decision between competing goals, dreams, or ideals.

In a reading, it may stand for a situation or event where two competing things ask for our attention, only one of which can be choisen. It symbolizes a crossroads, either literal or metaphorical. It signals the need to choose the places in which to invest energy; we require focus, and must make a decision about which dream to follow or which passion to invest in.

Keywords: Choice Action Focus

Four of Ribbons


This is a card to indicate a time of pause in the pursuit of a dream. The ribbon around the woman's eyes prevent her from finding her way; similarly, some part of a dream in the Querant's life has blocked a view, preventing the Querant from being able to see the road ahead. If our dreams are the only thing we can see, this can prevent us from finding the path to reach them.

In a reading, this card may represent some level of blindness--some dream or ambition that is blinding us to something important, or perhaps something which we have overlooked in our quest to realize a dream.

Keywords: Patience Reflection Focus

Scholar of Tentacles


This Scholar card reminds us of the need for care and meticulousness in the face of chaos. When life is swirling all around, and anarchy and madness surround us, sometimes we can chart our way through by paying careful attention, just as the Scholar carefully records the actions of the tentacle monsters.

In a reading, the Scholar of Tentacles may signal the need to be consciencious and precise about the things occurring in our lives, especially in the physical, tangible, material sphere. The smallest details may turn out to be important, even if we don't recognize their significance at first. The bigger picture can wait until later; now is the time for paying attention to the details.

Keywords: Detail Focus Physical Precision

Mentor of Tentacles


The Mentor of Tentacles understands her body and her responses. She observes the chaos around her and takes pleasure from it.

In a reading, it may represent mastery of a skill, particularly a physical skill. On a deeper level, it may represent self-mastery. However, just as the Mentor seems unconcerned with the experiences of the people around her, we may be so immersed in ourselves that we disregard those around us; the Mentor of Tentacles warns us against narcissism and selfishness.

Keywords: Mastery Focus Physical Learning