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Tentacle Rape


Tentacle Rape is a card of transformation. In this card, we see the end of innocence. It indicates a transformative event, something that will bring you low, but only to stretch you beyond your previous limitations.

In a reading, this card may symbolize a transformation by fire, or some trial which will test us but also temper us.

Keywords: Transformation Change Disruption Ravishment Violation Deflowerment Awareness

Six of Ribbons


This card reminds us of the pure delight our dreams can bring us, and shows us that our dreams are most beautiful when given some freedom. It suggests a time when our eyes are open to all the possibilities of the day; having a specific goal, or a plan for ourselves, doesn't have to mean letting them blind us or bind us.

In a reading, it represents a time when we are open to the beauty of the world. Our dreams are not hindering us; instead, they are freeing us.

Keywords: Freedom Joy Happiness Awareness