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The Mad Scientist


The Mad Scientist is a representation of unexpected knowledge gained in a traumatic situation. The Mad Scientist performs experiments on the Schoolgirl, but through this experience, the Schoolgirl learns something new about herself.

In a reading, this card indicates a time when you may be faced with what seems a frightening catastrophe--but in the middle of a terrible event may discover something of great value about yourself. It tells us that even when we are faced with something traumatic, we may carry away some new knowledge that enriches our lives.

Keywords: Trauma Conflict Discovery Self-Knowledge



Enchantment is a card of taking your experiences, even those that seemed traumatic at the time, and using them to enrich your life.

In a reading, it suggests being on the verge of reclaiming power over things that once seemed outside of your control. Even the adversities we face can help to empower us.

Keywords: Empowerment Enrichment Self-Knowledge

Nine of Chains


This card appears to let us know that our work is paying off; we have reached a time when it is okay to relax and savor the rewards we have reaped. We know our own self well enough, and our sense of self is strong enough, to allow others to know us, too.

In a reading, it represents a time when our work is being rewarded. We are secure and free to explore. On a deeper level, it may refer to some part of our lives in which we have the ability to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Keywords: Success Self-Knowledge Achievement