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3. Your Self-Image

7. Interference

4. Partner's Self-Image

1. You

9. Outcome

2. Your Partner

5. Your Partner's Perception of You

8. Strength

6. Your Perception of Your Partner

1. You Represents you and your current state of being.

The Banishing

The Banishing is a card of choosing between two worlds. On the one hand, the Schoolgirl can stay in the monster's world, protecting her small spot of joy but letting the monsters run free. Or she can seal the monsters away from her world...but will that mean losing the joy she has found?

In a reading, the Banishing is a complex, ambiguous card that can be difficult to interpret. It suggests that we have the ability to choose one of two worlds. We can choose one world where we can protect our small spot of joy at the cost of allowing monsters to run free in the other world. We can seal the monsters away, without knowing how it will affect us. Or maybe, just maybe, we can find a way to keep elements of both worlds, though this is a difficult choice: keeping that spark of joy while locking the monsters away.

Keywords: Change Choice Acceptance

2. Your Partner Represents the other person important to you.

Four of Chains

This card indicates a situation in which we are so focused on some goal or on escaping from some situation with such determination that we may be unaware that we are working in opposition to someone close to us. Together, the women in the Four of Chains could easily escape, but each of them is so determined to try to save herself that she is unaware that she is making her partner's situation, and her own, worse. This opposition cannot last, else both will surely perish.

In a reading, it presents a warning: beware focusing on our own situation with such single-mindedness that we ignore how we are hurting others, and ourselves!

Keywords: Conflict Chaos Deadlock Strife

3. Your Self-Image This represents the way you see yourself.

Ten of Tentacles

The Ten of Tentacles is the card of beginning and end, death and rebirth. The schoolgirl believes her ordeal is over; she does not see the new tentacle monster approaching her. She has reached the end of one cycle, and is about to begin another, regardless of how she may feel about it.

In a reading, the Ten of Tentacles reminds us that nothing ever ends; there is no growth that is ever final, no achievement which does not signal the beginning of something new.

Keywords: Beginning End Cycle Powerlessness

4. Partner's Self-Image This represents how the other person sees himself or herself.

Four of Ribbons

This is a card to indicate a time of pause in the pursuit of a dream. The ribbon around the woman's eyes prevent her from finding her way; similarly, some part of a dream in the Querant's life has blocked a view, preventing the Querant from being able to see the road ahead. If our dreams are the only thing we can see, this can prevent us from finding the path to reach them.

In a reading, this card may represent some level of blindness--some dream or ambition that is blinding us to something important, or perhaps something which we have overlooked in our quest to realize a dream.

Keywords: Patience Reflection Focus

5. Your Partner's Perception of You A representation of how the other person sees you.

Tentacle Rape

Tentacle Rape is a card of transformation. In this card, we see the end of innocence. It indicates a transformative event, something that will bring you low, but only to stretch you beyond your previous limitations.

In a reading, this card may symbolize a transformation by fire, or some trial which will test us but also temper us.

Keywords: Transformation Change Disruption Ravishment Violation Deflowerment Awareness

6. Your Perception of Your Partner A representation of how you see the other person.

Seven of Books

This card portends a situation in which someone is deliberately and intentionally keeping us away from the resources that we need. The seven books the Schoolgirl requires are locked up, unavailable to her; similarly, the people who have direct access to those resources have chosen not to provide them to us, so some other strategy is necessary.

In a reading, it tells us of a situation where we are being thwarted because we can not get access to what we need. Someone else holds the keys. We must think of another way.

Keywords: Conflict Frustration Opposition Setback

7. Interference A representation of the problem in the relationship you have with the other person..

Nine of Tentacles

This card reminds us that life is often overwhelming, surprising, and sticky. In order to embrace the full possibility of what life has to offer and to gain new insights, we must be willing to embrace the messy and complex truth. The schoolgirl has born the full force of the Tentacle Monster, and we too will bear the full force of what life has to offer.

In a reading, the Nine of Tentacles is a reminder that one cannot avoid getting messy all the time. It might represent some situation where life takes us by surprise in untidy ways. We can not always wrap yourself up in a nice tidy world; sometimes, life has a way of imposing on us.

Keywords: Overwhelmed Surprise Messy Chaos

8. Strength A representation of the strength within your relationship with the other person..

Ten of Chains

This card represents the culmination of our relationship hopes and dreams. We have invested in ourselves, weathered adversity, and we now have the skills of good partner selection and good communication which allow us to make choices that lead to solid, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

In a reading, it indicates the precise moment where we have made the right choice and realized our hopes, especially in our romantic lives. This is not necessarily a "happily ever after" card, though, for it reminds us all relationships require ongoing investment if they are to succeed.

Keywords: Success Relationships Stability Security Romance

9. Outcome The outcome of the relationship.

Three of Chains

The Three of Chains is a card representing stability and security within a relationship. The three women stand as three legs of a tripod, the most stable configuration; their stability gives them a solid foundation to look outward from the security of their relationship. They are bound together, yet still free to look outward toward the distance.

In a reading, it represents a position of strength and security within the Querant's life--something the Querant can count on as solid and reliable.

Keywords: Safety Stability Security Confidence