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3. Your Self-Image

7. Interference

4. Partner's Self-Image

1. You

9. Outcome

2. Your Partner

5. Your Partner's Perception of You

8. Strength

6. Your Perception of Your Partner

1. You Represents you and your current state of being.

The Headmaster

The Headmaster is a card of directed action. He is in charge of the university; his rulings must be obeyed. He tells us to become proactive; to make a decision and follow through on it, not to be passive, idle, or dreamy.

In a reading, the Headmaster may be a call to action. He tells us that our lives belong to us; it is up to us to make what we want of them. The Headmaster may warn us that many thing, even unpleasant or traumatic things, may serve as a call to action.

Keywords: Action Ambition

2. Your Partner Represents the other person important to you.

Tentacle Rape

Tentacle Rape is a card of transformation. In this card, we see the end of innocence. It indicates a transformative event, something that will bring you low, but only to stretch you beyond your previous limitations.

In a reading, this card may symbolize a transformation by fire, or some trial which will test us but also temper us.

Keywords: Transformation Change Disruption Ravishment Violation Deflowerment Awareness

3. Your Self-Image This represents the way you see yourself.

Ten of Tentacles

The Ten of Tentacles is the card of beginning and end, death and rebirth. The schoolgirl believes her ordeal is over; she does not see the new tentacle monster approaching her. She has reached the end of one cycle, and is about to begin another, regardless of how she may feel about it.

In a reading, the Ten of Tentacles reminds us that nothing ever ends; there is no growth that is ever final, no achievement which does not signal the beginning of something new.

Keywords: Beginning End Cycle Powerlessness

4. Partner's Self-Image This represents how the other person sees himself or herself.

Ten of Books

This card says it is time to pass on our knowledge to the next generation, and cautions us to make wise choices about what to pass on. The values and ideas that we hold will serve as the foundation for others, on which they will build their own lives; that foundation must be built with care.

In a reading, it indicates a situation where we have a role as a teacher or a distributor of ideas; we must be careful, for the effects we have on others will be profound.

Keywords: Responsibility Teaching Authority Knowledge Choice

5. Your Partner's Perception of You A representation of how the other person sees you.

Seven of Tentacles

This is a card of violation. The schoolgirl's earlier pleasure has gone as the Tentacle Monster makes her into its plaything. It signals a situation in which things may not go our way, or in which you will not reach the desired end.

In a reading, it indicates something--a situation, a person, an event--that makes us feel out of control, violated, or helpless. This card does promise some small hope: day follows night, and even though we may not win all of your battles, it is still possible to regroup, recover, and ultimately persevere.

Keywords: Violation Loss Conflict Failure

6. Your Perception of Your Partner A representation of how you see the other person.

Nine of Books

Nothing is more powerful, or more dangerous, than an idea whose time has come. The Nine of Books indicates something worth protecting--something that other people may find threatening. We must not allow fear or insecurity to stand in the way of protecting that idea, even if it means standing up to an angry mob.

In a reading, it suggests that we have something which we must defend, something which we can not afford to lose. Keeping it will not be easy. The true measure of our integrity is at test.

Keywords: Choice Gain Value Opposition Courage

7. Interference A representation of the problem in the relationship you have with the other person..

Three of Books

This card may turn up to signify a situation in which we have invested energy in an idea and are just reaching the point where that investment allows us to reach for something new. The books beneath the girl both literally and metaphorically allow her to extend her grasp; she has read them and gained new understanding which is necessary for her to grasp the ideas contained in the book she now reaches for.

In a reading, it may indicate something that is out of reach, but which we can, if we stand on the things we've already learned, perhaps just barely bring within our grasp. On a deeper level, it reminds us to use the resources we have available to us; without them, what we reach for will forever be beyond us.

Keywords: Knowledge Achievement Progress Gain

8. Strength A representation of the strength within your relationship with the other person..

Eight of Ribbons

This card symbolizes the morning come after the night and the sunshine come after the rain. It represents gaining a wealth of experience, and from those experiences, wisdom. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment; here, the experiences and weathering the storm have granted the good judgment necessary to reach a dream.

In a reading, it indicates tard-won knowledge, the ability to use our experiences to become wiser and more insightful. It may also indicate a need for the wisdom of experience in dealing with what's in front of us or moving toward a goal.

Keywords: Knowledge Wisdom Calm

9. Outcome The outcome of the relationship.

Adept of Ribbons

The Adept of Ribbons is a sign that you have arrived, and the dream either has been or is about to be realized, Now is the time of triumph, when you will be able to make a stand in the service of an ideal or a goal. It is time to leave behind hesitation or doubt and step into a position of leadership or authority.

In a reading, the Adept of Ribbons is the sign of a situation in which we have found the courage, the skill, and the power to follow a dream. We have the opportunity to leave behind all our doubts and make our own destiny.

Keywords: Success Accomplishment