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1. The Uniform

3. The Locket

5. The Intersection

4. The Blind Spot

2. The Inner Fire

1. The Uniform This is your outside appearance; what you know and others can see.

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist is a representation of unexpected knowledge gained in a traumatic situation. The Mad Scientist performs experiments on the Schoolgirl, but through this experience, the Schoolgirl learns something new about herself.

In a reading, this card indicates a time when you may be faced with what seems a frightening catastrophe--but in the middle of a terrible event may discover something of great value about yourself. It tells us that even when we are faced with something traumatic, we may carry away some new knowledge that enriches our lives.

Keywords: Trauma Conflict Violation Discovery Self-Knowledge

2. The Inner Fire This is the unknown: what you're not aware of, no one can see, but what is ruling you from the inside.

Six of Books

The Six of Books speaks of transcendence. We have learned enough to be able to move up to a new level. Losing personal resources has done more than just teach respect; it has prompted us to seek new resources, and investigate new avenues.

In a reading, it may represent the benefit of life's lessons learned; a situation in which we have recovered from past adversity and now move forward, wiser, or perhaps a situation in which we have grown beyond some past disaster.

Keywords: Gain Progress New Learning New Ideas

3. The Locket This is the hidden: what you know but won't show others.

Five of Books

The Five of Books is a card of ruination. We have failed to protect ourselves from damage. Because of that, our resources have been needlessly squandered and consumed. Sometimes, failure to pay attention causes us to lose the things we need, and it's not always possible to recover what was lost.

In a reading, this card turns up to remind us that some of life's lessons are very expensive. The deed is done, the loss has happened; now, we must learn from our failures and hope that the lesson was worth the price.

Keywords: Loss Catastrophe Inattention Damage Setback

4. The Blind Spot This is the blind spot: what you can't recognize, but what others see in you.

The Portal

The Portal is one of the wildest and most powerful cards in the Tarot. It signifies a drastic departure not only from one's plan but perhaps even from everything that had once been thought of as solid and reliable; Upheaval and the onset of sudden change that can not be anticipated.

In a reading, the Portal may represent the sudden, crashing appearance of something which we are not only unprepared for, but we can't ever prepare for.

Keywords: Change Disruption Upheaval

5. The Intersection This is the the synthesis of all these forces and the marker or your success in working with others.

Ten of Chains

This card represents the culmination of our relationship hopes and dreams. We have invested in ourselves, weathered adversity, and we now have the skills of good partner selection and good communication which allow us to make choices that lead to solid, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

In a reading, it indicates the precise moment where we have made the right choice and realized our hopes, especially in our romantic lives. This is not necessarily a "happily ever after" card, though, for it reminds us all relationships require ongoing investment if they are to succeed.

Keywords: Success Relationships Stability Security Romance