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7. The Internal Outcome

6. The Internal Present

5. The Internal Past

3. The Internal Lie

1. The Internal Truth

2. The External Truth

4. The External Lie

8. The External Past

9. The External Present

10. The External Outcome

1. The Internal Truth The truth about your current internal (mental/emotional) situation.

One of Tentacles

The One of Tentacles represents the very earliest start of the expression of ourselves as physical beings. It may portend a new physical experience, learning a new physical skill, or gaining a new knowlege of ourselves or our bodies.

In a reading, it might represent some new skill, especially a physical skill, that we are trying to learn or are being made to explore. On a more metaphorical level, it may indicate the first stages of becoming comfortable with ourselves as physical beings, in a way we have not done before.

Keywords: Beginning New Knowledge Physical

2. The External Truth The truth about your current external situation.

Disciple of Chains

The Disciple of Chains represents the opening of Pandora's box--initiating change, perhaps naively, without completely understanding what lies within the box. Change is a powerful force; it is not necessarily bad or good, but it is definitely tumultuous. The Disciple of Chains is not sure what she will find within the box.

In a reading, it represents a decision which will change our lives, but which we make naively, without knowing what we are unleashing into our lives.

Keywords: Chaos Change Uncertainty

3. The Internal Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your internal situation.

Ten of Ribbons

Sometimes, everything just... goes... wrong. The arrival of this card presents the grim news that we are done. The path is ended. Things have not turned out as we planned. People seldom plan for the end. As frustrating as this moment is, we may take solace in the idea that we can not be any more done; the dead need not fear dying.

In a reading, it represents the worst possible outcome. A catastrophic failure, some cataclysmic setback that awaits us.

Keywords: Disaster Catastrophy Upheaval Failure End

4. The External Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your external situation.

Eight of Chains

This is a card of unconventional choices. It encourages us to think outside conventional bounds, and to notice others who have achieved a mastery and a balance in relationships and who still have their eyes open to the possibility of more. It suggests that we can reach for the things that you want while still maintaining balance, if we have the courage.

In a reading, it may represent an unconventional choice we have made, or (more metaphorically) it may represent a situation that calls for outside-the-box thinking.

Keywords: Unorthodoxy Choice Courage Action

5. The Internal Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your internal condition.

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist is a representation of unexpected knowledge gained in a traumatic situation. The Mad Scientist performs experiments on the Schoolgirl, but through this experience, the Schoolgirl learns something new about herself.

In a reading, this card indicates a time when you may be faced with what seems a frightening catastrophe--but in the middle of a terrible event may discover something of great value about yourself. It tells us that even when we are faced with something traumatic, we may carry away some new knowledge that enriches our lives.

Keywords: Trauma Conflict Discovery Self-Knowledge

6. The Internal Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your internal condition.

The Dance of Ecstasy

Sometimes, the place we end up is unexpected, yet joy may be found in the most unusual of places. The Dance of Ecstasy reminds us that, as strange and unexpected as life may be, it is also a place filled with joy, if we but choose to see it. Life is the triumph of optimism over despair.

In a reading, it suggests that the world is not as horrifying as it appears to be; even though we do not always choose what happens to us, and weven though we may make choices without knowing the outcome, we can still find joy. It tells us that this joy may appear in the oddest places; we must be able to recognize it for what it is. By moving through the world with confidence, we can learn to see the joy all around us.

Keywords: Happiness Joy Triumph

7. The Internal Outcome What the future holds for your internal state.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy

8. The External Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your external condition.

Eight of Books

This card indicates moving beyond simply working toward a dreams, and becoming a purveyor of knowledge and skill, recognized by the community. We are looked up to by others. With this new opportunity comes new responsibility.

In a reading, it tells us: as we go forward, what will we do? Will we cater to the lowest denominator? Will we try to appeal to the masses? Or will we use our new status to try to promote ideas of worth and value? It suggests a situation where we have a choice to make, and urges us to make it responsibly.

Keywords: Progress Respect Choice Responsibility Opportunity

9. The External Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your external condition.

The Wilds

The Wilds is a symbol of the strength to overcome one's own inner fears and take necessary action. It represents something unknown, something which we may find threatening.

In a reading, the Wilds stands for some kind of internal fear we must face. It is a proactive, rather than a reactive, card; it is about choosing a plan of action and then carrying through on that plan in spite of fear, uncertainty, or doubt.

Keywords: Choice Strength Courage

10. The External Outcome What the future holds for your external state.

Adept of Ribbons

The Adept of Ribbons is a sign that you have arrived, and the dream either has been or is about to be realized, Now is the time of triumph, when you will be able to make a stand in the service of an ideal or a goal. It is time to leave behind hesitation or doubt and step into a position of leadership or authority.

In a reading, the Adept of Ribbons is the sign of a situation in which we have found the courage, the skill, and the power to follow a dream. We have the opportunity to leave behind all our doubts and make our own destiny.

Keywords: Success Accomplishment