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7. The Internal Outcome

6. The Internal Present

5. The Internal Past

3. The Internal Lie

1. The Internal Truth

2. The External Truth

4. The External Lie

8. The External Past

9. The External Present

10. The External Outcome

1. The Internal Truth The truth about your current internal (mental/emotional) situation.

Tentacle Rape

Tentacle Rape is a card of transformation. In this card, we see the end of innocence. It indicates a transformative event, something that will bring you low, but only to stretch you beyond your previous limitations.

In a reading, this card may symbolize a transformation by fire, or some trial which will test us but also temper us.

Keywords: Transformation Change Disruption Ravishment Violation Deflowerment Awareness

2. The External Truth The truth about your current external situation.


Enchantment is a card of taking your experiences, even those that seemed traumatic at the time, and using them to enrich your life.

In a reading, it suggests being on the verge of reclaiming power over things that once seemed outside of your control. Even the adversities we face can help to empower us.

Keywords: Empowerment Enrichment Self-Knowledge

3. The Internal Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your internal situation.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy

4. The External Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your external situation.

Eight of Chains

This is a card of unconventional choices. It encourages us to think outside conventional bounds, and to notice others who have achieved a mastery and a balance in relationships and who still have their eyes open to the possibility of more. It suggests that we can reach for the things that you want while still maintaining balance, if we have the courage.

In a reading, it may represent an unconventional choice we have made, or (more metaphorically) it may represent a situation that calls for outside-the-box thinking.

Keywords: Unorthodoxy Choice Courage Action

5. The Internal Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your internal condition.

Six of Tentacles

This card represents tenuous equilibrium. The schoolgirl has made peace with the fact that what is happening to her feels good. Similarly, the frustration and turmoil we have been feeling have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance.

In a reading, the Six of Tentacles speaks to being in a situation to which we are committed, but tells us that it is still possible to relax, to enjoy the ride even if we can't control what's happening.

Keywords: Balance Acceptance Commitment

6. The Internal Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your internal condition.

The Portal

The Portal is one of the wildest and most powerful cards in the Tarot. It signifies a drastic departure not only from one's plan but perhaps even from everything that had once been thought of as solid and reliable; Upheaval and the onset of sudden change that can not be anticipated.

In a reading, the Portal may represent the sudden, crashing appearance of something which we are not only unprepared for, but we can't ever prepare for.

Keywords: Change Disruption Upheaval

7. The Internal Outcome What the future holds for your internal state.

Three of Books

This card may turn up to signify a situation in which we have invested energy in an idea and are just reaching the point where that investment allows us to reach for something new. The books beneath the girl both literally and metaphorically allow her to extend her grasp; she has read them and gained new understanding which is necessary for her to grasp the ideas contained in the book she now reaches for.

In a reading, it may indicate something that is out of reach, but which we can, if we stand on the things we've already learned, perhaps just barely bring within our grasp. On a deeper level, it reminds us to use the resources we have available to us; without them, what we reach for will forever be beyond us.

Keywords: Knowledge Achievement Progress Gain

8. The External Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your external condition.

Scholar of Tentacles

This Scholar card reminds us of the need for care and meticulousness in the face of chaos. When life is swirling all around, and anarchy and madness surround us, sometimes we can chart our way through by paying careful attention, just as the Scholar carefully records the actions of the tentacle monsters.

In a reading, the Scholar of Tentacles may signal the need to be consciencious and precise about the things occurring in our lives, especially in the physical, tangible, material sphere. The smallest details may turn out to be important, even if we don't recognize their significance at first. The bigger picture can wait until later; now is the time for paying attention to the details.

Keywords: Detail Focus Physical Precision

9. The External Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your external condition.

The Library

The Library is a card of sudden change and catastrophy. The Schoolgirl, confronted with a challenge to the things she believes, responds by destroying the things she used to love. Similarly, this card may signal an abrupt, fiery, and catastrophic change in the your life, as the structures which no longer serve you come crashing down.

In a reading, the Library speaks to a situation when, dismayed by something which has happened to us, we destroy the things we love most. This is not always a bad thing; sometimes, the old must be demolished to make way for the new. But good or bad, it is a symbol of chaos and destruction, the end of something we love.

Keywords: Chaos Catastrophy Change Upheaval

10. The External Outcome What the future holds for your external state.

Ten of Chains

This card represents the culmination of our relationship hopes and dreams. We have invested in ourselves, weathered adversity, and we now have the skills of good partner selection and good communication which allow us to make choices that lead to solid, healthy, long-lasting relationships.

In a reading, it indicates the precise moment where we have made the right choice and realized our hopes, especially in our romantic lives. This is not necessarily a "happily ever after" card, though, for it reminds us all relationships require ongoing investment if they are to succeed.

Keywords: Success Relationships Stability Security Romance