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7. The Internal Outcome

6. The Internal Present

5. The Internal Past

3. The Internal Lie

1. The Internal Truth

2. The External Truth

4. The External Lie

8. The External Past

9. The External Present

10. The External Outcome

1. The Internal Truth The truth about your current internal (mental/emotional) situation.

Two of Chains

The Two of Chains is a card of new love or a new connection taking form. It indicates the direction of energy toward a new romance, a new friendship, or a new relationship of some kind.

In a reading, it may symbolize a new connection (especially a new love), but that does not necessarily have to be literal, as in a new romantic relationship; it might also represent a new intellectual love, a new pursuit, or the beginning stages of some other kind of love.

Keywords: Love Connection Romance Beginning

2. The External Truth The truth about your current external situation.

The Headmaster

The Headmaster is a card of directed action. He is in charge of the university; his rulings must be obeyed. He tells us to become proactive; to make a decision and follow through on it, not to be passive, idle, or dreamy.

In a reading, the Headmaster may be a call to action. He tells us that our lives belong to us; it is up to us to make what we want of them. The Headmaster may warn us that many thing, even unpleasant or traumatic things, may serve as a call to action.

Keywords: Action Ambition

3. The Internal Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your internal situation.

Adept of Ribbons

The Adept of Ribbons is a sign that you have arrived, and the dream either has been or is about to be realized, Now is the time of triumph, when you will be able to make a stand in the service of an ideal or a goal. It is time to leave behind hesitation or doubt and step into a position of leadership or authority.

In a reading, the Adept of Ribbons is the sign of a situation in which we have found the courage, the skill, and the power to follow a dream. We have the opportunity to leave behind all our doubts and make our own destiny.

Keywords: Success Accomplishment

4. The External Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your external situation.

The Cabin

This card is about pragmatism, not ideology, right or wrong, good or evil. It is a card about adjusting to face challenges as they exist.

In a reading, this card is a symbol of letting go of "should" statements and dealing with things as they are, not as we want them to be. This card may indicate a utilitarian, practical approach to a situation.

Keywords: Pragmatism Challenge

5. The Internal Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your internal condition.

Five of Ribbons

This is a card of constraint, of being unable to move effectively. It indicates some situation in which we are so wrapped up in one specific outcome of your dreams, one specific goal, that progress becomes impossible. When we convince ourselves that our dreams can only manifest themselves in one particular form and lose track of the idea that there might be many different ways our dreams can be realized, they cease to be inspirations to us and instead hold us back.

In a reading, this card tells us to look at the ways we have become so invested or attached to an outcome that our attachment paralyzes us, preventing us from being effective.

Keywords: Bondage Reflection Choice

6. The Internal Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your internal condition.

Disciple of Ribbons

This card may symbolize a need to learn the tools of self-realization and introspection in order to continue on a journey. Carefully consider how the expectations and conventions of others may be preventing the realization of dreams; remember that our lives belong to us, not to others, and are there for us to live as we choose.

In a reading, the Disciple of Ribbons is just beginning to move toward a goal, but is being held back by inhibition. This may represent a situation where it is necessary to let go of the fear of being judged in order to progress.

Keywords: Introspection Choice

7. The Internal Outcome What the future holds for your internal state.

Mentor of Chains

The Mentor of Chains has freed herself, and by doing so has learned a great deal about the chains that bind others. This is a powerful card, which symbolizes both freedom and ability to help and guide others. It indicates that we have gained some degree of control over our own personal chains, and that other people are beginning to recognize and look up to us.

In a reading, it is a symbol of control (particularly self-control). It may represent a situation in which we have learned a measure of control over the things that bind us, or a person who has gained that control and can help to guide us.

Keywords: Freedom Leadership Choice Action Success

8. The External Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your external condition.

Six of Tentacles

This card represents tenuous equilibrium. The schoolgirl has made peace with the fact that what is happening to her feels good. Similarly, the frustration and turmoil we have been feeling have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance.

In a reading, the Six of Tentacles speaks to being in a situation to which we are committed, but tells us that it is still possible to relax, to enjoy the ride even if we can't control what's happening.

Keywords: Balance Acceptance Commitment

9. The External Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your external condition.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy

10. The External Outcome What the future holds for your external state.

Mentor of Ribbons

When this card appears, it may indicate solid, tangible progress and the beginning of respect and recognition from others. The Mentor of Ribbons is a person whose knowledge, experience, or abilities are worthy of respect.

In a reading, it is a sign of some situation in which we are coming into our own power, and others are beginning to recognize that in us. It tells of a time and place where we are on the path toward realizing our ambitions, and may represent a newfound situation in which others come to us for advice.

Keywords: Accomplishment Respect Progress Gain Authority