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IX. The Wilds

The Card

The Schoolgirl, safe for the moment, has fled the university and the scene of horror there, but now stands on the edge of a dark and wild wood. A narrow path leads into the woods. The Schoolgirl stands on the brink of the path, and hesitates, afraid of what may lurk in the unknown wilderness. Despite her hesitancy, she is taking a step forward, for she knows she has nowhere to go except down that path into the woods.

The Story

The Schoolgirl is in a quandry. Her blind, headlong rush away from the horrors of the school have carried her away from familiar ground. She now stands on the edge of a dark and mysterious forest, a place she has never ventured before. She is frightened; she has heard tales of terrible things in the woods, and has always feared to go there.

But she knows that she dare not go back. Whatever her fears may tell her of the woods, she knows the reality of what is happening back at the university is at least equally horrifying. Summoning all her courage, she steps forward into the unknown forest.

The Meaning

Where Escape is a card symbolizing the strength to overcome adversity and the quickness to avoid an impending catastrophy, The Wilds is a symbol of the strength to overcome one's own inner fears and take the necessary action. It is a proactive, rather than a reactive, card; it is about choosing a plan of action and then carrying through on that plan in spite of fear, uncertainty, or doubt. The Schoolgirl is still running from something, but now she has a direction, a goal; she sees refuge in the wilds, for as frightening as she imagines them to be they are still preferable to the reality behind her.

In a reading, this card may indicate a course of action which seems unfamiliar and even threatening, but which the Querant must nevertheless summon the courage to face. It is a card of conquering the internal forces which stand in the way of doing what we must do to realize our goals.

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