The Tentacle Monster Tarot
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VIII. Escape

The Card

The Schoolgirl and the other students are in the school cafeteria, unaware that deep in its secret place, the Portal has opened. Now, hideous tentacled monsters, from the darkest of nightmares, are rampaging through the school cafeteria, grabbing up the students and wrapping them in their tentacles while effortlessly tearing the clothing from their bodies. Students run about in terror, only to be captured by even more beasts, bound tightly in their tentacles, and dragged off to who knows what end. The Schoolgirl, thinking quickly, has darted over and around the tentacles of a monster attempting in vain to grab her, and is leaping from the window of the cafeteria to safety.

The Story

The Schoolgirl and all of her friends were gathered together in the cafeteria eating lunch when suddenly, and with no warning, the foulest and most hideous beasts imaginable swarm into the room and attack! All her friends are soon within the monster's grasp, but the Schoolgirl, acting with reserves of energy she did not even know she possessed, has evaded the beasts and made good her escape. Now she is fleeing, running away from the university and from whatever fate has befallen her friends.

The Meaning

Escape is a card that can be read on many levels. On its first level, it is a card about quick thinking and lightning reflexes that save one from a bad situation. It may represent some adversity in the Querant's life which will be met and overcome through quick action, or an oncoming tragedy that the Querant must be agile and nimble to avoid.

On a more symbolic level, it represents reserves of strength that the Querant may not even be aware that he or she has, which can be called upon to deal with a situation or a challenge that the Querant faces from without. Interpreted in this way, Escape represents nimbleness, agility, and strength that can be used to fight off an external, rather than an internal, threat.

This card carries a hidden message. The Schoolgirl is running, but she has no plan; she is running away from the rampaging beasts, but heedless of what she is running to. Escape is a card that represents headlong flight away from something, but never toward something; it indicates a reactive, not a proactive, course of action.

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