The Tentacle Monster Tarot
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VII. The Portal

The Card

In a disused basement deep beneath the library, a strange, glowing doorway has materialized out of thin air, with a keyhole in its exact center. The doorway is ajar, and many tentacles, phallic and dripping with slimy wetness, are extending all around it as if seeking entry into our world.

The Story

The Schoolgirl has already learned many things. She has learned that there might be many kinds of knowledge that have meaning and value; that her dreams can be a source of inspiration and guidance; that she alone has the power to set her will in motion; and that happiness is a choice.

But now all the things she has learned are about to be tested. A strange new force, full of dark hints of trials and chaos, is beginning to take form. Though she does not yet know it, things are about to change in ways that she can not even begin to imagine.

The Meaning

The Portal is one of the wildest and most powerful cards in the Tarot. It signifies a drastic departure not only from one's plan but perhaps even from everything that had once been thought of as solid and reliable; upheval and the onset of sudden change that can not be anticipated or prepared for. The Portal indicates that, by choice or by circumstance, all that was once certain is subject to change, and an entirely new path may now lie ahead--a path filled with the unfamiliar and the unexpected.

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