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X. The Mad Scientist

The Card

The Schoolgirl is strapped, naked, to an inclined exam table. The Mad Scientist stands next to her in a lab coat, with goggles on his forehead and a clipboard in his hand. Strange suction devices are attached to her breasts, and between her legs, a dildo mounted on a robotic arm pistons in and out of her. Naked and helpless, the Schoolgirl blushes in shame. Behind the Mad Scientist, banks of strange equipment stand ready to analyze the data.

The Story

Deep within the Wilds, miles away from the familar grounds of the University, the Schoolgirl has been captured by a Mad Scientist. He spirits her away to his secret lair far underground. There, he strips her bare and binds her, before beginning a series of experiments upon her vulnerable flesh. She cries out in protest and tries to flee. "What are you doing to me?" she asks.

"Surely by now you must know that there are monsters running loose," he says. "These monsters feed by performing the most unspeakable sexual acts upon people such as yourself. If I can study the energy from which they feed, perhaps I will be able to find a way to fight them. You may not wish this to be done to you," he continues as he ties her down to his examining table, "but this is necessary if we are to learn how to vanquish the monsters."

Strapped down and helpless, the Schoolgirl is horrified and frightened. She struggles in vain and cries out at her torment. As the machinery does its job, the sucking sensations on her breasts and the steady thrusting of the mechanical dildo begin to have an effect on her, and soon she finds herself lost in the grip of unfamiliar feelings. The sensations are powerful, new, and bewildering; they create a haze of confusion. Her cries change to moans, and a long series of powerful orgasms takes her. The Mad Scientist measures each of her responses dispassionately, noting and analyzing every orgasm.

The Meaning

The Mad Scientist is a representation of unexpected knowledge gained in a traumatic situation. Like the Schoolgirl, the Querant may be faced with what seems a frightening catastrophe--but in the middle of a terrible event may discover something of great value about himself or herself.

During her experiences in the Mad Scientist's lair, the Schoolgirl has for the first time found herself in a position where she cannot rely on her wits, or think herself out of the situation; instead, she has no choice but to surrender to the physical experience. She learns something new just by being made to be present within herself. Sometimes, we face a circumstance in which the only useful alternative is to let it permeate through us until it aches in our bones.

Life has many lessons to teach us, and sometimes our teachers present themselves in unusual guises. Just as the Schoolgirl has learned something entirely new at the hands of ther Mad Scientist, so might we discover truth in unexpected places. The Mad Scientist may stand for a person in the Querant's life who seems strange or threatening; the Querant may still benefit from this person by simply learning to be.

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