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XI. Enchantment

The Card

The Schoolgirl sits in a sunny clearing in the deepest part of the Wilds with her back against a tree. Her blouse is unbuttoned, and her skirt is hiked up to her waist. Her eyes are closed, and she has a dreamy expression on her face. One hand cups her breast; the other is buried between her legs.

The Story

The Mad Scientist, finished with his experiments, turns to his equipment to analyze the results. While he is distracted, the Schoolgirl slips from her bonds and runs from his lair through the thick forest. Her body still tingles from the strange new sensations she experienced during his experiments. As she runs, she soon grows weary; the warm sunlight in the clearing makes her feel safe, and the terror of her abduction fades even as the tingling grows stronger.

She stops to rest against a tree. Her body feels alive and vibrant, and soon, without even thinking about it, she begins to explore herself with her hands. It is not long before the pleasure overtakes her again, and she learns to enjoy the things she felt within the Mad Scientist's clutches. For the first time, the Schoolgirl feels a part of her body--not merely a mind in the driver's seat, riding her body around, but truly in touch with it. She has begun the process of learning to love her physical self, and enjoy living within herself.

The Meaning

What the Mad Scientist forced on the schoolgirl, she now claims for herself. Enchantment is a card of taking one's experiences, even those that seemed traumatic at the time, and using them to enrich one's own life. The Querant may be on the verge of reclaiming power over things that once seemed outside of his or her control. The central meaning of Enchantment is finding power unexpectedly and carrying away from the past the tools necessary to create pleasure and joy in the present.

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