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XII. The Cabin

The Card

A peaceful cabin stands alone in the deep woods at dusk. The scene is inviting; the cabin door stands open. Warm yellow light streams from the door and the windows. Smoke trails from the chimney, offering the promise of a safe and secure haven for the night.

The Story

After learning of physical pleasure, the Schoolgirl continues on her way into the Wilds. Night approaches, and the Schoolgirl begins to worry that she will be caught out in the wilderness alone, without shelter.

Then, incredibly, a wonderful sight presents itself: a small cabin, standing in a clearing in the trees. She approaches warily, and sees that it is abandoned. The door is open. Firewood is stacked neatly next to the hearth, and the shelves are copiously stocked with non-perishable supplies. A note on the simple wood table reads "Take what you need, give what you can."

The Schoolgirl, hungry and weary, builds a warm, cozy fire, eats, and curls up in the bed, snug and warm. The next day, as the sun comes up, she begins to think about her situation.

The morning light brings a fresh perspective on things. The Schoolgirl realizes that throughout her life she has always believed that things should be a certain way for her, and that belief has prevented her from being able to deal effectively with the world as it is. She realizes now the world is the way that it is, rather than the way she thinks it should be. She understands that a new, more practical, view is necessary.

The Meaning

The Cabin is a card that tells us it is time for the Querant to assess the situation with greater pragmatism. It is not about ideology, right or wrong, good or evil; it is a card about adjusting to face challenges as they are. This symbol is about letting go of "should" statements and dealing with things as they are, not as we want them to be.

In a reading, this card may indicate it is time for the Querant to adopt a utilitarian, practical approach to life, and to take things on their own terms rather than as he or she may wish they were.

There is a deeper meaning hidden in this card as well. The Schoolgirl sees the note reading "take what you need, give what you can," but she has nothing to give in return for the safety and comfort of the Cabin. This card may prompt the Querant to look for ways to give back for what he or she has received.

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