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The Twos

The Twos are cards of duality. The primal force of the Ones cards has split, and begun to take direction and form; from beginnings, action arises, and from unity, duality is born. Two minds are coming together in an act of creation. In a reading, Twos cards are cards of action, and of directing energy toward a goal.

The Two of Ribbons

A young woman sits nude on the edge of a large sunken tub. Her hair is damp, and falls down around her shoulders. Over one arm she has draped two ribbons of two different colors, and she is reaching for the two ribbons, wanting to tie one in her hair but not sure which one to take.

This card indicates a choice to be made, a decision between competing goals, dreams, or ideals. In a reading, it signals to the Querant that he or she must choose the places in which to invest energy; the Querant requires focus, and has to make a decision about which dream to follow or which passion to invest in. The Querant may be stuck, unable to decide, but a choice must be made.

The Two of Chains

Two women stand in the center of a garden facing one another. Both are nude, and they are exchanging a sensual kiss. A pair of manacles binds them together at the wrist. With her free hand, one of the women is fondling the other's breast.

The Two of Chains is a card of new love or a new connection taking form. It indicates the direction of energy toward a new romance, a new friendship, or a new relationship of some kind. On a direct level, this might be a new romantic relationship; on a more abstract level, it may be a new relationship with ourselves, with members of our family, or even with people in general.

The Two of Books

A schoolgirl, seated in front of a small desk facing us, rests her chin on her hands. In front of her, two books sit open. Her expression is perplexed; she does not know which book to read.

The symbology in this card is indecision, of being in a situation where the Querant is tugged in two directions or is faced with two alternatives that offer no clear advantage. This indecision results in a stalemate; just as the schoolgirl's indecision means that she is reading neither of the books, so is the Querant's position one in which the dilemma results in inaction. Unlike the Two of Ribbons, which indicates that the Querant must choose which dream to pursue, the Two of Books indicates a deadlock--a stalemate in which the Querant is unable to make a decision.

The Two of Tentacles

The girl stands pressed against the wall. A tentacle is wrapped around one wrist, immobilizing it. From the other side, another tentacle stretches toward her other wrist; but rather than trying to escape, the schoolgirl reaches for the tentacle.

This card symbolizes an internal conflict, an indecision between simultaneously reaching for and shrinking away from something. In a reading, it may indicate that the Querant is of two minds about something, particularly something dealing with practical or physical matters; this tension can not last, but must be resolved for the Querant to move on.

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