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The Ones

In the Tentacle Monster Tarot, the Ones cards represent primal beginnings, origins, and the essential spark of a new idea, still in its earliest state, yet to be formed. Ones cards are the initial seeds of new ideas, experiences, or a new chapter of life--just in the very earliest stages, bursting with potential that has yet to be realized.

When they appear in a reading, Ones cards may signify both change and disruption. New things arrive with great power, and these cards may herald the arrival of an oncoming storm.

The One of Ribbons

A young woman showering, her back arched as she wets her hair in the stream of water; on the counter beside her is a comb, a small mirror, and a ribbon, ready to tie her hair back. She is ready to seize the day, to go out into a bright new morning and find out what what she can make of it.

This card represents a new spark of inspiration, the seed that will grow into a new goal, a new dream, or a new philosophy. It might symbolize a new dream, a new ambition, a new goal, or even the first spark of inspiration. This new spark, still unrealized, carries with it a surge of energy; the Querant has a new direction, and it's time to start the journey toward making it a reality.

The One of Chains

A woman kneels nude on a satin cushion in a lush and well-manicured garden. Her back is to us, and she looks over her shoulder alluringly. She is wrapped in a harness made of chains. One hand is on her shoulder. slipping the chain off her shoulder as if slippng the strap of a negligee down.

The One of Chains symbolizes the very beginning of change, either directly in our lives or more metaphorically in our attitudes or ideas. With these new beginnings come recognition of the fact that in order for change to occur, we must first free ourselves from our chains.

The One of Books

A young woman lying on a bed with her feet up in the air and her ankles crossed. She wears glasses which are slipping down her nose, and hugs a book tightly to her chest, which she is just beginning to open.

The first step toward a new intellectual undertaking or intellectual knowledge is the most important. The woman in this card is savoring beginning her book; she is looking forward to reading, and caresses the book's cover like a lover. In a reading, this card represents the very first inspiration toward a new cognitive undertaking--perhaps the learning of a new intellectual skill or the beginning of a new intellectual pursuit.

The One of Tentacles

A schoolgirl stands at the end of a long hallway lined with lockers. A tentacle extends into the scene from the edge of the card; the tip of the tentacle is just beginning to lift her skirt.

This card is about the expression of ourselves as physical beings. One one leve, it may portend a new physical experience, learning a new physical skill, or gaining a new knowlege of ourselves or our bodies. On a more symbolic level, it might come up in a reading to indicate a new comfort with ourselves and our bodies.

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