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The Suit of Tentacles

The fourth suit in the Tentacle Monster Tarot is the Suit of Tentacles. The Tentacles represent knowledge of a practical, and particularly of a physical, nature; in the most basic interpretation, the Tentacles stand for physical or fleshly experience, but the cards in this suit may also represent a craft, a job which involves labor or manual dexterity, or a hobby.

The Suit of Tentacles corresponds with the element of Earth. As such, the cards in this suit stand for that which is solid, tangible as opposed to abstract, and real.

In a reading, cards in the Suit of Tentacles represent the practical application of the Querant's energy, talents, and abilities to turn dreams into reality. They also represent the Querant's physical self--the Querant's own body, physical skills, and sensual self. The Tentacles occupy the realm of the senses--not the abstract void of thoughts and ideas, but the literal manifestation of that which we can see, feel, taste, and touch.

Cards in the suit of Tentacles may also point to an excessive fixation on materialism, on the pursuit of physical desires over emotional or intellectual desires, and on the drive to produce material wealth without the balance of emotional maturity. As such, they may caution us against a relentless obsession with the tangible at the expense of deeper understanding.

In a sense, the Tentacles can be seen as cards about the inevitability of life; the people in the Suit of Tentacles never escape their grasp. Life is what we make of it, and the subjective experiences we have may be very different even when our circumstances are the same.

The cards: The images in the Suit of Tentacles are all set in a school. The central character in the Suit of Tentacles is a schoolgirl (not The Schoolgirl), usually depicted wearing a button-up shirt, short plaid skirt, and glasses This schoolgirl has long, dark purple hair and green eyes.

The Academics cards are consistent in style but may not depict the same caracter shown in the face cards of the suit.

The predominant colors of the Tentacles cards are deep, dark red, black, and earth tones.

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