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The Suit of Books

The third suit in the Tentacle Monster Tarot is the Suit of Books. The Books represent declarative knowledge--knowledge of the mind, which can be gained through study and contemplation. This suit corresponds to the element of Air, and the cards of this suit represent intellectual pursuits and the application of cognitive skills to a task.

Because these cards represent abstract ideas, intellectual knowledge, and ideas, the presence of this suit in a reading may indicate issues related to learning or disseminating abstract knowledge. These cards also represent communication, scholarly pursuits, or the quest for truth.

The Suit of Books may also be a double-edged sword. The truth can be a dangerous thing; often, we prefer the comforting illusion to the uncomfortable truth, and unpalpable truths may not be easily received. There can also be a cruelty in truth; too much emhasis on the intellectual over the emotional may make a person seem arrogant, condescending, or cold.

The Cards: The images in this suit typically depict a younger girl than the cards of the other suits, with black hair and glasses. Many of these cards are set in the girl's own bedroom.

The Academics cards are consistent in style but may not depict the same character shown in the face cards of the suit.

The Books cards are predominently browns and golds.

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