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The Suit of Chains

The next suit in the Tentacle Monster Tarot is that of Chains, which represents the forces of change and growth. The Suit of Chains corresponds to the element of Water. Just as water is ever changing, able to exist in many forms, so do the cards in this suit represent constant motion, adaptation, learning, and growth. A river's course is not fixed, but carves itself a new path over time; and the Suit of Chains points to those things in the Querant's life which always seek new paths.

The Chains may also represent parts of the Querant's life which are out of balance or unstable, or places where the Querant feels unfulfilled longing, unrealized expectations, or turmoil. Change brings with it the possibility of turbulence; the Chains may signify places that are in conflict, with deep undercurrents or chaotic eddies threatening to drag the Querant out to sea.

Properly managed, change is a positive and beneficial force, but the Chains also caution us: too much turmoil may erode the foundations upon which we build our lives.

Change is a relentless force, always adaptive, sometimes flowing around obstacles but sometimes washing them away. Even the strongest mountain can not exist forever; change is an ever-present absolute, and stability is only an illusion. Too much change too quickly can sweep us away and cause us to lose our bearings, but to hope that change will not come is futile; we must learn to be adaptive, to accommodate change without letting it drag us helplessly in its current.

The Cards: These cards are set in a room or series of rooms within a dungeon. Satin textures and silk cushions abound, thoough these elements do not entirely conceal the harshness of the background.

The Academics cards are consistent in style but may not depict the same caracter shown in the face cards of the suit.

These cards tend to use a palette rich in greens and teals, with highlights of red and red cushions.

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