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The Suit of Ribbons

The first of the four suits of the Tentacle Monster Tarot is the Suit of Ribbons. The Ribbons are symbols of dreams, change, and passion; they correspond to the element of Fire.

In a reading, the cards in the Suit of Ribbons represent the Querant's dreams and ambitions. These may be the Querant's hopes, aspirations, drives, or desires; or they may be the Querant's literal dreams--the things the Querant knows on an unconscious, intuitive level.

The Ribbons may also serve to represent the Querant's philosophical or ideological beliefs. Cards in this suit may signal things the Querant believes or feels called to do, either in the personal or professional sphere.

Cards in the suit of Ribbons may also point to restless and uncontrollable emotions or beliefs which, like fire, consume what they touch. The extreme of belief becomes dogma; the extreme of drive becomes obsession; the extreme of ideology becomes obstinacy. The Suit of Ribbons may caution against the excess of passion that destroys what crosses its path, leaving behind nothing but ash.

The Cards: The images on the cards in the Suit of Ribbons all depict various scenes of bathing. The character in the Ribbons card is a young woman with fiery red hair and small breasts.

The Academics cards are consistent in style but may not depict the same character shown in the face cards of the suit.

The dominant colors of the Ribbons cards are blues and pastels.

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