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XXII. The University

The Card

The Schoolgirl walks down the sidewalk in the University in her uniform.

Everything is exactly as it was. The Library is intact. The other students walk along or sit and study as though nothing has happened.

Around the Schoolgirl's neck, a key dangles on a chain.

The Story

Everything is exactly as it was. Almost.

When the Schoolgirl traveled back and locked the portal with the key, the world was transformed, as if the invasion had never occurred.

The other students carry no memory of it. Though the world appears just as it was before, the Schoolgirl remembers, and she is irrevocably changed.

The Schoolgirl has the power to keep the portal closed against invasion. She realizes the key must be protected. She wears the key around her own neck as a constant reminder of the things she has experienced. She carries the learning and wisdom found from these experiences within her.

The Meaning

The University tells us a journey has been completed, and now there is a whole world of choices available to the Schoolgirl. What will be her next adventure?

The Schoolgirl possesses an air of confidence that others do not understand and wish they could emulate. She has achieved balance in her pursuits of both intellectual and physical joy. She can now make choices in the face of chaos and danger. With experience she has learned to make better choices, which balance her ideals with pragmatism.

No matter how much today may look like yesterday, in the most important respects it is not. When this card appears in a reading, it may stand for the Querant, who is forged anew and now able to choose to become the best version of him or herself. It may also stand for another person in the Querant's life, someone who has come through adversity with wisdom and grace. On a symbolic level, it may suggest a trial from which the Querant will emerge as a different person.

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