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The Threes

The Threes, as natural extensions of the Twos, are cards which represent a return on investment. The Twos are cards about taking action or investing energy in something; the Threes are cards that represent some kind of reward. They symbolize to the Querant benefits for time and energy spent.

The Threes do not represent mastery or achievement of a final goal; instead, they represent tangible progress, steps along the path.

The Three of Ribbons

A woman sits on the edge of a large garden tub, wrapped in a towel. She is tying a ribbon into her hair. Behind her is a large rice-paper shoji door that is slid open, and through it we can see trees blowing in the wind. Two more ribbons are drifting through the door and blowing away in the breeze.

This is a card of choices not taken. Every choice we make carries the weight of the choices we haven't, which are carried away like ribbons in the wind. When it occurs in a reading, this card tells the Querant that possibilities gained always imply possibilities lost, and suggests to the Querant that he or she should be aware of the things that are being given up whenever he or she makes a choice.

The Three of Chains

Three women, all nude, stand in a garden. In the background, the edge of the Wilds can be seen. The three women are bound together at the ankles by chains. The three are not facing one another; instead, they stand back to back, in a triangle, not touching one another, looking outward.

In a reading, the Three of Chains is a card representing stability and security within a relationship. The three women stand as three legs of a tripod, the most stable configuration; their stability gives them a solid foundation to look outward from the security of their relationship. They are bound together, yet still free to direct their focus outward toward the distance.

The Three of Books

The young woman in glasses is standing on top of two thick books lying on the ground, reaching for a third book high up on the top of a large bookshelf. The book is out of her grasp, but by standing on the two books beneath her feet, she is able to reach it.

In a reading, this card may turn up to signify a situation in which the Querant has invested energy in an idea and is just reaching the point where that investment allows him or her to reach for something new. The books beneath the girl both literally and metaphorically allow her to extend her grasp; she has read them and gained new understanding which is necessary for her to grasp the ideas contained in the book she now reaches for.

The Three of Tentacles

A tentacle is wrapped around each wrist of a schoolgirl, immobilizing her and holding her against the wall. A third tentacle has snaked up under her shirt and is tearing the shirt from her body, exposing her breasts.

When it appears in a reading, the Three of Tentacles represents a situation in which the Querant has received more than he or she bargained for. The schoolgirl was reaching for the tentacle, but didn't anticipate what happened next--the appearance of a third tentacle, being immobilized, having her clothing torn from her. Similarly, the Querant may have made a decision or performed some action, and is now getting back more than he or she anticipated! This card may tell of a time where we thought we knew what we were getting into, but turned out to be wrong, and found ourselves in over our heads. Now is the time to swallow or drown.

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