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Four of Chains


This card indicates a situation in which we are so focused on some goal or on escaping from some situation with such determination that we may be unaware that we are working in opposition to someone close to us. Together, the women in the Four of Chains could easily escape, but each of them is so determined to try to save herself that she is unaware that she is making her partner's situation, and her own, worse. This opposition cannot last, else both will surely perish.

In a reading, it presents a warning: beware focusing on our own situation with such single-mindedness that we ignore how we are hurting others, and ourselves!

Keywords: Conflict Chaos Deadlock Strife

Seven of Chains


This card signals a time of tension in a relationship, either from within or from without. The chains pulling on the women represent forces such as jealousies, insecurities, squabbles, or gossip, trying to separate the people; these may be forces from inside the relationship (such as jealousy or insecurity) or from other people (such as envy or rumormongering). This card reminds us that it is time to take charge of the forces that are pulling you in all these different directions.

In a reading, it may represent some part of the Querant's life where the Querant is being pulled in contradictory directions, and must find a way to assert control over those contradictory forces.

Keywords: Strife Conflict Tension Jealousy Spite