The Tentacle Monster Tarot
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XVIII. Interlude

The Card

Under a vibrant night sky the Schoolgirl, still naked, picks her way carefully through the charred remnants and embers to the center of the ruined Library.

Deep within the ruins, she discovers the Portal, apparently untouched by flames. The Portal is ajar, and light streams out from around it.

The Story

The fire has burnt itself out to ashes and embers. The conflagration of the Library is now nothing more than smoldering ruin.

The Schoolgirl feels compelled to explore the ruin, carefully making her way through the remnants of everything she used to trust and love. Then, unexpectedly, she finds the source of the tentacle monster invasion: the doorway through which the Tentacle Monsters came crashing into the world.

The Schoolgirl can run, she can wait there to see what eventually finds her, or she can choose to cross over the portal and explore whatever realm lies beyond it. The world holds its breath with her, awaiting her decision.

The Meaning

This card, when it occurs in a reading, represents the edge between innocence and knowledge, the shivering moment before plunging ahead.

The Schoolgirl is no longer at a point of having things done to her; instead, she will choose, and the choice she makes will shape the world around her.

The courageous choice, to go through the gateway and discover what lies beyond, may bring disaster. It may seem far simpler for her to choose to do nothing and pretend to be at the whim and mercy of fate.

In a reading, this card may indicate the Querant is poised on the edge of an instant that can change everything, and the easiest choice will be to do nothing and let the moment slip by. The Querant should remember at such a time that while action may not bring happiness avoiding the choice, and failing to recognize that choices exist, will bind him or her back into the shackles of his or her newly embraced limitations.

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