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XIX. Chaos

The Card

The Portal stands wide open.

The Schoolgirl is being sucked through it and is plunged wildly down a vibrant, swirling tunnel of light and color. Tentacles reach from the swirling tunnel toward her.

Where she is headed, she does not know.

The Story

Faced with a choice between doing something and doing nothing, the Schoolgirl has made the choice to do something. Heart hammering, she has swung the Portal open wide and it has drawn her in. Arms and legs flailing, unable to stop herself, she falls through a tunnel of light toward the domain of the Tentacle Monsters. She has made her choice and she is now committed to it.

There is no going back now even if she wants to. Now she must await the outcome of her decision.

The Meaning

Though it may seem that the Schoolgirl is once again helpless to control her fate, that is not so. She has made a choice to pass through the portal, exploring what lies beyond. The fact that her choice is now unchangeable does not make it any less her choice.

The Schoolgirl has already mastered much of the world as she knew it, successfully escaping the limitations of her childhood home to the University. Then, once at the University, her safe world of study was destroyed by the emergence of the Tentacle Monsters. She tested herself against the hazards of her own world and now she intends to travel to a new land.

She seeks to expand her understanding of herself and to learn how she can best make her way in an existence where everything has changed. She has become a part of the change she sees. She is bold and brave and excited as she tumbles towards the future.

The appearance of Chaos in a spread challenges the Querant to embrace the chaos that accompanies change, for change is the essence of growth. This card also reminds us that sometimes, when we make a decision, we are committed. Not all choices can be unmade.

However, it is still necessary to make those choices. Inaction leads to stagnation. Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours. All things begin in Chaos. This card challenges us to use the Chaos to create our own beginnings.

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