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XX. The Dance of Ecstasy

The Card

After the wild ride through the Portal, the Schoolgirl has arrived at a most unexpected destination. She stands in bare skin in a beautiful, lush glade, with grass and wildflowers growing all around.

A ring of schoolgirls, also unclothed, hold hands and dance in a happy ring around a tentacle monster. One of the girls has broken the chain and is reaching out to the Schoolgirl, smiling.

The Story

The realm of the Tentacle Monster is not what the Schoolgirl expected.

It's a beautiful place, and the other girls she finds here do not seem distressed by their lives. Quite the opposite; they appear joyful and delighted. It dawns on her that each of them, individually, is here by choice and action. She steps hesitantly toward the giggling girls, and they welcome her with open arms, inviting her to join them.

As the tentacle monster casts its gaze on her, a strange voice echoes in her head. Do you come here naked or merely uncovered? it asks.

She feels confused by the question, and the voice continues: Naked is defenseless. You lack something you would otherwise desire to have. If you move through the world with confidence, uncovered is merely a moment without clothing. The condition is the same, either way. The difference is within you, but it makes all the difference. Which are you?

The Schoolgirl joins hands with the other girls and no longer feels naked. She realizes that happiness is abundant, not scarce; she can, if she wants, find joy in the most unlikely places. The Dance of Joy begins again. All the schoolgirls dance in ecstasy until they fall exhausted to the soft ground. The giggles of the schoolgirls turn to soft sighs and moans as they slide into the embrace of the Tentacle Monster to explore other pleasures.

The Meaning

In a reading, the Dance of Ecstacy reminds the Querant that, as strange and unexpected as life may be, it is also a place filled with joy...if we but choose to see it. Life is the triumph of optimism over despair. The land of the Tentacle Monsters is not horrifying to those who live there; they are confident and open, and they choose happiness. We do not always choose what happens to us, and we do not always understand the consequences of our choices, but there is joy to be found nonetheless; we must simply understand how to see it.

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