The Tentacle Monster Tarot
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XVII. The Library

The Card

The Library is in flames.

Fire pours from the window as the building begins to collapse. From a rise a short distance away, the Schoolgirl, sitting under a tree, watches the flames consume the Library, lighting up the night all around.

Burning pages from books flutter up into the night sky.

The Story

After her confrontation with the Monster, the Schoolgirl is enraged. She feels abandoned and disillusioned.

The knowledge that formerly offered the Schoolgirl a sense of comfort and safety has instead made her poorly equipped to handle the situation that confronts her. None of her books gave her the tools she needs to free herself.

She refuses to remain trapped any longer. In her anger and despair, she sets fire to the Library, burning down the place she used to love so much.

The Schoolgirl rejects the conceit that book learning is the only learning that has value. As the flames spread through the shelves, she runs out into the darkness and finds a place to watch it all burn.

The Meaning

The Library is a card of sudden change and catastrophe.

The Schoolgirl, confronted with a challenge to the things she believes, responds by destroying the things she used to love. She is no longer able to distinguish between the love she used to feel and the limitations it imposed on her.

Similarly, this card may signal an abrupt, fiery, and catastrophic change in the Querant's life, as the structures which no longer serve the Querant come crashing down.

But change is not always bad; sometimes, old structures must be demolished to give way to new.

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