The Tentacle Monster Tarot
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II. The Tutor

The Card

An attractive woman leans provocatively over a table in a low-cut blouse. She wears glasses, and around her neck is a key on a fine gold chain. On the table in front of her is a stack of books, the top book open to a page with a drawing of a fearsome tentacle monster. She wears an enigmatic smile, as if she knows something the Schoolgirl doesn't.

The Story

Eager to learn as much as she can, the Schoolgirl hires a Tutor to help her with her studies. She is surprised when the Tutor arrives, for the Tutor is not what she expected. This Tutor is intelligent and learned, but also sexually provocative and alluring, something the Schoolgirl does not normally associate with people who are learned or wise. It has never even occurred to the Schoolgirl that a person who is intellectual and educated could also be wise in worldly ways as well.

The Schoolgirl remarks on the Tutor's provocative appearance. The Tutor smiles and says, "Inhibitions can enslave just as easily as excess."

The Meaning

The Tutor symbolizes new kinds of learning, new ideas, or new experiences outside our ordinary way of thinking. In a reading, the Tutor card suggests the start of a novel idea or an unconventional approach that is unfamiliar to the Querant.

The Schoolgirl is first introduced to the notion of physical knowledge rather than intellectual knowledge by the Tutor; this may indicate a new physical skill, or perhaps even an entirely new way of thinking about the physical world, is in store.

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