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I. The Schoolgirl

The Card

The schoolgirl, dressed in her school uniform of button-up shirt and skirt, walks along the sidewalk at the university with her nose buried in a book, unaware of where she is or what's around her. As she walks past the entrance to a dark alley, older students leer at her malevolently from the shadows, but she is oblivious to their stares.

The Story

The schoolgirl is in her first day at university, her head filled with excitement for all the things she is to learn. At this point, she is naive; her vision is narrow, and she values only the type of learning that comes from books. So intent is her focus that she disregards everything else. She dreams of all the things her classes can teach her, but she is so out of touch with any other form of learning that the world around her scarcely exists.

The Meaning

In a reading, the Schoolgirl almost always represents the Querant. The Schoolgirl is a card of new beginnings and new possibilities. However, it comes with a warning not to focus too much on a single realm (the Schoolgirl's focus on the realm of book learning borders on obsession). An overly narrow focus, especially in the beginning of something new, can cause the Querant to become myopic to other possibilities.

The Schoolgirl is excited, happy, and energized, glad to be beginning a new chapter in her life. In a reading, this may indicate the Querant is embarking on an exciting new phase of life, filled with wonder and possibility.

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