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XIV. Tentacle Rape

The Card

The Schoolgirl hangs suspended from long, strong tentacles which wrap entirely around her wrists and ankles. Below her, a writhing mass of tentacles seethes and churns. Some of the tentacles wrap around her body and slide wetly over her breasts; still more tentacles entwine her thighs.

A tentacle has forced itself into her mouth, and something wet drips from the corner of her lips. She is impaled by two more tentacles, which thrust deeply into her between her legs. Her body is spattered with thick white goo.

The Story

Fate has been realized. The Schoolgirl has been captured by the Tentacle Monsters and has been brought back to the university. She is now held captive in a lair hollowed out beneath the University.

After carrying her into their den, the Tentacle Monsters do things to the Schoolgirl that even the Mad Scientist's experiments could not have prepared her for.

She opens her mouth to scream, and a wet and slimy tentacle thrusts itself between her lips. Thus invaded, she is taken, repeatedly, by countless tentacles. Pleasure is inevitable, and so is pain.

The Schoolgirl struggles fiercely against the onslaught until there is no struggle left to give.

The Meaning

Tentacle Rape is a card of utter transformation.

Assaulted, overwhelmed, overwrought; Tentacle Rape will shatter the Schoolgirl's concept of self, removing all previously held limitations, but leaving her to question whether she can endure. Like the forging of metal by fire and a blade made stronger than it was before, so to will the Schoolgirl's encounter with Tentacle Rape temper her spirit.

The Tentacle Rape card may indicate that the Querant is to experience a transformative event, something that will bring the Querant low, but only to stretch him or her beyond previous limitations.

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