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The Sixes

The sixes are cards of stability. After the chaos of the Fives, they represent a return to equilibrium. A middle ground has been sought and located; a peace has been made, and there is a new order and balance. Unlike the stillness of the Fours, there's no hint of an unstable stalemate or an obstinence to the Sixes; they represent a genuine moment of tranquility.

The Six of Ribbons

The ribbons that once bound the woman tightly have loosened and are blowing free. She stands before the shoji door, her side to us; the ribbon that was around her eyes has slipped down and is now draped loosely over her shoulders. All of the ribbons stream freely in the wind coming in through the door, and she arches her back in pleasure as she greets the sun on her face. In her outstretched hand, she holds a sixth ribbon, and watches in childlike delight as the wind ripples through it.

When our dreams inspire us rather than confining us, the world becomes a beautiful and awesome place. This card reminds us of the pure delight our dreams can bring us, and shows us that our dreams are most beautiful when given some freedom. In a reading, it suggests to the Querant that his or her eyes are open to all the possibilities of the day; having a specific goal, or a plan for ourselves, doesn't have to mean letting them blind us or bind us.

The Six of Chains

Three women stand facing one another in a garden. All three are nude. They are holding hands in a circle, with chains linking their wrists and chains linking their ankles. All thee women are leaning in to share a kiss.

This card represents a return inward, to seek safety in a secure relationship after the chaos and strife of the four and five. In a reading, it indicates a recovery from outside trauma, and a balance and harmony between the external and the internal world. The Querant may be in a place where he or she can take comfort from relationships, and offer comfort to the people he or she most cares about. This card reminds us that it is possible to find solace in our relationships while we still acknowledge the flaws and imperfections of the people around us. The imperfections we see in ourselves and others do not have to become problems for us, but rather can inspire us to become and to help others to become the best that is possible.

The Six of Books

The girl has left her bedroom. We see her now in a museum dedicated to ancient writings, with display cases around her. In front of her, one very large stand shows six pages from an ancient text, displayed under glass. The girl is carefully transcribing one of the pages into her notebook.

After her loss, the girl has learned important lessons about how her books, and the knowledge in them, don't really belong to her (except temporarily), and must be treated with respect. Armed with this new respect and with knowledge she has learned on her own, it is now time for her to leave the bedroom and begin to take her studies to a higher level. Her dedication has opened doors for her, and she now has access to much more valuable texts.

In a reading, this card indicates that the Querant has transcended past setbacks and has learned enough to be able to move up to a new level in his or her endeavors. Losing personal resources has done more than just teach respect; it has prompted the Querant to seek new resources, and investigate new avenues.

The Six of Tentacles

The schoolgirl is still suspended by the tentacles, with another between her legs rubbing against her clit, but now her attitude is entirely changed. A sixth tentacle has been raised to her lips; sighing in pleasure, she closes her eyes and takes it into her mouth. She has made her peace with the fact that what's happening to her feels good, and is drawing the sixth tenacle in between her lips.

When this card appears in a reading, it represents a tenuous equilibrium. The frustration and turmoil have melted away, to be replaced with acceptance. The Querant may be in a situation to which he or she is committed, but has reached a place of equilibrium.

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