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IV. The Headmistress

The Card

A woman is seated behind a large, heavy desk, upon which rests a sextant and a candle. Behind her on the wall hangs a large oval mirror in an ornate frame. The woman smiles, her manner relaxed, open, and welcoming.

The Story

After talking to the Librarian, the Schoolgirl visits the Headmistress, hoping to learn how to find direction in her studies. The Librarian asks the Schoolgirl about her dreams; the Schoolgirl replies that she has always dreamed about being accepted to the University, but now that she has attained that goal, she isn't sure what comes next.

"But the University is not a goal! It is a means to an end, not an end in itself," the Headmistress replies. She takes a length of ribbon and ties it through the Schoolgirl's hair. "You are here because this place can help you attain your dreams, not because this place is what you dreamed of. Learn to nurture your dreams, for they can help be your guide."

The Meaning

The Headmistress is a symbol of goals, dreams, and aspirations. The Headmistress is not a card of action, but rather of patience, of consideration, and of nurturing the dream. In a reading, the Headmistress may indicate that it is time for the Querant to reflect on his or her goals in life, to better nurture them and give them the breath of life.

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