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The Eights

The eights are cards of transformation, and especially about using our own inner resources to transform ourselves and the situations around us. These are action cards; they call the Querant to focus himself or herself to dramatically re-interpret the world around him or her. They call on us to master ourselves and summon the will to make difficult changes within ourselves or within the world. If magic is the application of willpower to one's situation, then these are the cards of magic.

The Eight of Ribbons

The sun has come out, the storm has ended. The woman has peeled the muddy and wet ribbons from her skin, and left them scattered limp on the ground around her. She stand gloriously nude and holds her hands up in exultation. An eighth ribbon, clean and bright, dances around her in a single cirle.

In a reading, this card symbolizes the morning come after the night and the sunshine come after the rain. The querant has gained a wealth of experience, and from those experiences, wisdom. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment; here, the experiences and weathering the storm have given the Querant the good judgment to reach his or her dreams with but a simple application of will.

The Eight of Chains

Two couples, each made of two women, stand nude in a garden. Each person of the couple is chained hand and foot to her partner. One of the women from one couple is leaning over to kiss one of the woman of the other couple.

This is a card of unconventional choices. It encourages the Querant to think outside conventional bounds, and to notice others who have, like the Querant, achieved a mastery and a balance in relationships and who still have their eyes open to the possibility of more. It suggests that the Querant can reach for the things that he or she wants while still maintaining balance within his or her life, if he or she has the courage to do so. In a reading, it may indicate that the Querant has noticed someone else who, like the Querant, is also aware of the beauty, wonder, and possibilities of the world.

The Eight of Books

The girl, pleased, is hanging a sign on the front of her very own book store. No longer just a reader or researcher, she has gone into business for herself; people now come to her to find the books they need. In the window of her store, eight books are lined up on small display stands.

This card indicates a stage where the Querant has moved beyond simply working toward his or her own dreams, and has now become a purveyor of knowledge and skill, recognized by the community. The girl's love of books has created an oportunity for her; and the Querant's investment in his or her path has created a situation where he or she is looked up to by others. With this new opportunity comes responsibility. Will the girl use her book store to promote books of value and worth, or will she cater to the least common denomenator of taste? This is a choice that the Querant must face, too.

The Eight of Tentacles

As if the situation could not become any more overwhelming, now the Tentacle Monster has added another tentacle, this one penetrating the schoolgirl anally. The schoolgirl responds with confusion; she is overwhelmed, still struggling, and now being used in every way imaginable, but somehow, through all that, she is aroused again, and helpless to prevent herself from reaching orgasm. Her own responses don't make sense to her and it just doesn't matter.

This is a card of both chaos and opportunity. It symbolizes a circumstance in which the Querant is overwhelmed, bombarded from all directions, but also promises that the Querant can find a way to turn the tumult into something positive, even if the alchemy of that transformation is not understood. The tide that sweeps over us, like the tide that sweeps over the helpless schoolgirl, may inundate us, but it may turn to our advantage as well.

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