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1. The Uniform

3. The Locket

5. The Intersection

4. The Blind Spot

2. The Inner Fire

1. The Uniform This is your outside appearance; what you know and others can see.

Eight of Ribbons

This card symbolizes the morning come after the night and the sunshine come after the rain. It represents gaining a wealth of experience, and from those experiences, wisdom. Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from poor judgment; here, the experiences and weathering the storm have granted the good judgment necessary to reach a dream.

In a reading, it indicates tard-won knowledge, the ability to use our experiences to become wiser and more insightful. It may also indicate a need for the wisdom of experience in dealing with what's in front of us or moving toward a goal.

Keywords: Knowledge Wisdom Calm

2. The Inner Fire This is the unknown: what you're not aware of, no one can see, but what is ruling you from the inside.

Disciple of Tentacles

Sometimes, fate places us in a situation where we have the ability to act, but it's not clear what choice we should make. The Disciple of Tentacles is surprised by the difference she sees in the way people respond to the Tentacle Monsters. She is free to act, but she is not sure what to do.

In a reading, this card indicates that we are in such a place. We have the ability to decide what to do, especially in a situation where our decision may affect the lives of others, but we lack the experience that helps guide the choice. Even though it may seem that the choice is perplexing, there is nothing to do now but to choose.

Keywords: Choice Action Inexperience Indecision

3. The Locket This is the hidden: what you know but won't show others.

Mentor of Books

The Mentor of Books is no longer a student; she has progressed in her abilities to the point where she is now a writer herself. It speaks to a time when we are also in a role of expressing ourselves and beginning to rework our ideas. Others may perceive this success as luck or innate talent. They don't see the dozens of discarded pages for every one page that is published. They don't see the willingness to risk or experiment that have created this success.

In a reading, the Mentor of Books tells of our increasing mastery of knowledge, especially intellectual knowledge, and the success we can achieve because of it. It may also represent a person, someone of formidable intellect and capability.

Keywords: Success Respect Work Authority

4. The Blind Spot This is the blind spot: what you can't recognize, but what others see in you.

Adept of Chains

This card is a symbol of mastery of the force of change. The Adept of Change has gained total mastery over everything that holds her back, from within and without; now, no chain can touch her.

In a reading, it can be interpreted as a sign that nothing can stand in our way; whatever change we may wish to make is possible. No chain can hold us unless we allow it to. It may also represent a person in our lives who has gained this mastery, and who we can look to to free us from our own chains.

Keywords: Change Action Leadership Freedom Independence Success

5. The Intersection This is the the synthesis of all these forces and the marker or your success in working with others.

Adept of Books

The Adept of Books takes the adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" and makes it literal. She is someone whose knowledge is as powerful as a force of nature. This card speaks of reaching a level of mastery and respect where our ideas can become forces in their own right.

In a reading, it speaks of a time when our knowledge and skills have reached their apex, and we have gained mastery of an intellectual skill. Now is the time to lead by example, and become the change that we wish to see in others. It may also represent a person who has gained such a mastery--someone whose intellect is so ferocious that that person influences others on a large scale.

Keywords: Success Mastery Skill Leadership Choice