The Tentacle Monster Tarot

1. The Uniform

3. The Locket

5. The Intersection

4. The Blind Spot

2. The Inner Fire

1. The Uniform This is your outside appearance; what you know and others can see.

Seven of Ribbons

Into everyone's life, a little rain must fall. The arrival of this card tells us to prepare for rough weather. We must figure out whether this storm is simply a bad day, or is heralding the onset of the monsoon season, bringing the threat of still more turbulence to come. It might indicate that it is perhaps time to try a different approach entirely.

In a reading, it may symbolize rough weather ahead: a time when things become turbulent, a situation we will struggle to navigate. Our dreams lie in sodden tatters around us; during this time, we must try to figure out whether to weather this storm or to pick up the scraps of our dreams and head somewhere more hospitable.

Keywords: Conflict Trouble

2. The Inner Fire This is the unknown: what you're not aware of, no one can see, but what is ruling you from the inside.

Adept of Tentacles

The Adept of Tentacles is a master of the physical realm, at the right time and the right place with just the right skills to improve the lives of those around her.

In a reading, this card turns up to indicate a time when we have been handed a situation or stumbled upon an idea that we are are uniquely situated to capitalize on. We no longer have to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel; we ARE the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keywords: Opportunity Knowledge Success Mastery

3. The Locket This is the hidden: what you know but won't show others.

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist is a representation of unexpected knowledge gained in a traumatic situation. The Mad Scientist performs experiments on the Schoolgirl, but through this experience, the Schoolgirl learns something new about herself.

In a reading, this card indicates a time when you may be faced with what seems a frightening catastrophe--but in the middle of a terrible event may discover something of great value about yourself. It tells us that even when we are faced with something traumatic, we may carry away some new knowledge that enriches our lives.

Keywords: Trauma Conflict Violation Discovery Self-Knowledge

4. The Blind Spot This is the blind spot: what you can't recognize, but what others see in you.

Disciple of Chains

The Disciple of Chains represents the opening of Pandora's box--initiating change, perhaps naively, without completely understanding what lies within the box. Change is a powerful force; it is not necessarily bad or good, but it is definitely tumultuous. The Disciple of Chains is not sure what she will find within the box.

In a reading, it represents a decision which will change our lives, but which we make naively, without knowing what we are unleashing into our lives.

Keywords: Chaos Change Uncertainty

5. The Intersection This is the the synthesis of all these forces and the marker or your success in working with others.

Mentor of Books

The Mentor of Books is no longer a student; she has progressed in her abilities to the point where she is now a writer herself. It speaks to a time when we are also in a role of expressing ourselves and beginning to rework our ideas. Others may perceive this success as luck or innate talent. They don't see the dozens of discarded pages for every one page that is published. They don't see the willingness to risk or experiment that have created this success.

In a reading, the Mentor of Books tells of our increasing mastery of knowledge, especially intellectual knowledge, and the success we can achieve because of it. It may also represent a person, someone of formidable intellect and capability.

Keywords: Success Respect Work Authority