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7. The Internal Outcome

6. The Internal Present

5. The Internal Past

3. The Internal Lie

1. The Internal Truth

2. The External Truth

4. The External Lie

8. The External Past

9. The External Present

10. The External Outcome

1. The Internal Truth The truth about your current internal (mental/emotional) situation.

Two of Chains

The Two of Chains is a card of new love or a new connection taking form. It indicates the direction of energy toward a new romance, a new friendship, or a new relationship of some kind.

In a reading, it may symbolize a new connection (especially a new love), but that does not necessarily have to be literal, as in a new romantic relationship; it might also represent a new intellectual love, a new pursuit, or the beginning stages of some other kind of love.

Keywords: Love Connection Romance Beginning

2. The External Truth The truth about your current external situation.

One of Chains

This card symbolizes the very beginning of change, and recognition of the fact that in order for change to occur, we must first free ourselves from our chains.

In a reading, it suggests a moment where we must let slip our own bonds in order to begin something new, or perhaps a situation in which we are stymied from beginning to move forward by a barrier it is within our power to circumvent.

Keywords: Change Introspection Freedom Choice

3. The Internal Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your internal situation.

Five of Books

The Five of Books is a card of ruination. We have failed to protect ourselves from damage. Because of that, our resources have been needlessly squandered and consumed. Sometimes, failure to pay attention causes us to lose the things we need, and it's not always possible to recover what was lost.

In a reading, this card turns up to remind us that some of life's lessons are very expensive. The deed is done, the loss has happened; now, we must learn from our failures and hope that the lesson was worth the price.

Keywords: Loss Catastrophe Inattention Damage Setback

4. The External Lie The falsehood preventing you from seeing the truth about your external situation.

The Headmaster

The Headmaster is a card of directed action. He is in charge of the university; his rulings must be obeyed. He tells us to become proactive; to make a decision and follow through on it, not to be passive, idle, or dreamy.

In a reading, the Headmaster may be a call to action. He tells us that our lives belong to us; it is up to us to make what we want of them. The Headmaster may warn us that many thing, even unpleasant or traumatic things, may serve as a call to action.

Keywords: Action Ambition

5. The Internal Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your internal condition.

The Librarian

The Librarian represents intellectual knowledge, in its most raw and asic form. She acts as a gatekeeper; the knowledge archived all around her is her domain, and she is both the guide to that knowledge and the person who decides what knowledge will most benefit the people who come to her.

In a reading, the Librarian may represent access to secret, arcane, or specialized knowlege. There is a deeper meaning in this card; the Librarian knows that information without organization or purpose is merely trivia. Information by itself can't solve problems! It is up to us to understand how to synthesize information into knowledge.

Keywords: Intellect Knowledge

6. The Internal Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your internal condition.

Six of Ribbons

This card reminds us of the pure delight our dreams can bring us, and shows us that our dreams are most beautiful when given some freedom. It suggests a time when our eyes are open to all the possibilities of the day; having a specific goal, or a plan for ourselves, doesn't have to mean letting them blind us or bind us.

In a reading, it represents a time when we are open to the beauty of the world. Our dreams are not hindering us; instead, they are freeing us.

Keywords: Freedom Joy Happiness Awareness

7. The Internal Outcome What the future holds for your internal state.

One of Ribbons

This card indicates a new spark of inspiration, the seed that will grow into a new goal, a new dream, or a new philosophy. The inspiration, still unrealized, carries with it a surge of energy.

In a reading, it symbolizes a new direction, and suggests it's time to start the journey toward making it a reality.

Keywords: Inspiration Action

8. The External Past An element from your past affecting the reality of your external condition.

Five of Tentacles

The Five of Tentacles is a card of frustration. The captive schoolgirl is frustrated at being held upside down, frustrated at being unable to escape, and even frustrated at the part of herself that enjoys what is happening to her.

In a reading, the Five of Tentacles may refer to previous commitments and choices have placed us in an untenable position, and now conflicted emotions are rising to the surface. We are not able to change the course of events, no matter how frustrating they may be. Different emotions, including anger, resentment, or even pleasure, may be appropriate.

Keywords: Frustration Deadlock Powerlessness Commitment

9. The External Present An element from the present affecting the reality of your external condition.

Mentor of Books

The Mentor of Books is no longer a student; she has progressed in her abilities to the point where she is now a writer herself. It speaks to a time when we are also in a role of expressing ourselves and beginning to rework our ideas. Others may perceive this success as luck or innate talent. They don't see the dozens of discarded pages for every one page that is published. They don't see the willingness to risk or experiment that have created this success.

In a reading, the Mentor of Books tells of our increasing mastery of knowledge, especially intellectual knowledge, and the success we can achieve because of it. It may also represent a person, someone of formidable intellect and capability.

Keywords: Success Respect Work Authority

10. The External Outcome What the future holds for your external state.

Scholar of Ribbons

The Scholar of Ribbons may indicate that you are about to embark on the process of creating your dreams--a process which will necessitate understanding those dreams, and also learning how to let go of conformity, naivete, and previous reliance on the rules and strictures of social convention.

In a reading, the Scholar of Ribbons may signal a time when we must let go of naivety, conformity, or adherance to ordinary conventions.

Keywords: Creation Independence Unorthodoxy