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The Tutor


The Tutor represents new kinds of learning, new ideas, or new experiences outside our ordinary way of thinking. The Tutor's provocative manner suggests she has knowledge not only of intellectual matters, but in the physical realm as well.

In a reading, the Tutor card suggests the start of a novel idea or an unconventional approach that is unfamiliar to you. This card may suggest the fusion of different spheres of knowledge or learning.

Keywords: New Learning New Ideas New Experiences

Six of Books


The Six of Books speaks of transcendence. We have learned enough to be able to move up to a new level. Losing personal resources has done more than just teach respect; it has prompted us to seek new resources, and investigate new avenues.

In a reading, it may represent the benefit of life's lessons learned; a situation in which we have recovered from past adversity and now move forward, wiser, or perhaps a situation in which we have grown beyond some past disaster.

Keywords: Gain Progress New Learning New Ideas